Join an LRTT Fellowship

Join an LRTT Fellowship

At LRTT we are committed to a future where every child receives a high-quality education regardless of the context they’re born into. We meet this challenge head-on by running transformational teacher training programs in areas where such training is scarce, where teachers need support to meet the daily challenges of their classrooms and where education really does change lives if you want an adventure with like-minded people if you want to grow as an educator, if you want to make a difference beyond your own classroom, and play a part in improving education across the world, join an LRTT summer fellowship and be part of a team of inspirational teachers leading training in one of ten countries around the world. Apply today at and take your first steps to becoming
part of a global teacher movement that will be a part of you forever. Your efforts won’t be a drop in the ocean. Together, we’re starting a wave.

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