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(upbeat music)>>When I get up in the morning, we’re fortunate enough that
we live so close to Hopkins that I’m able to spend
some time with my son, getting him up, getting him dressed, eating breakfast with him,
and then heading off to work. When I first moved to Baltimore, I will be honest, my
parents were terrified. I’m from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and they did not want
me living in this city. Once they saw what Baltimore was, after visiting me a couple of times, they now love Baltimore. Baltimore has been so good to us.>>I decided I wanted to
do maternal fetal medicine for fellowship and I was fortunate enough to be selected for an
Air Force scholarship for fellowship and throughout the match, I applied and picked Hopkins
as my number one choice. Baltimore was kind of an enigma to me. Now being able to train out there, I’ve just been floored
by the opportunities to reach out to patients,
to be able to treat people who need it and just by the level of culture in the city
with different restaurants and things like that, it’s been
a really amazing experience.>>So I start my day early in
the morning, around 5 o’clock. Going in each day, I never
know what I’m gonna get into. Hopkins, I’ve found to
be a very busy place with a very broad range of
surgical patients who need emergency interventions and that’s why it’s very stimulating as a physician.>>I felt like I had the great opportunity to become the first
fellow in the reproductive endocrinology and fertility and genetics. There’s only two other places
in the country that did it and for me to be the
first fellow at Hopkins was a tremendous opportunity. Baltimore is such a diverse place. I was just able to see people of color, people like me who are pursuing things that they wanna do and their dreams and it’s also empowering for me to be able to treat people of diverse backgrounds. It’s just one of the truly great things that I think that I do here.>>I love my job because
it’s very dynamic. One day I’ll be in clinic down at Bayview, the next day I’ll be reading ultrasounds at the main campus, the next day I’ll be up on labor and delivery delivering twins or doing C-sections. I’ll be seeing complex
consults for patients on other services throughout the hospital. There’s a huge array of things that I get to do and I’m never bored.>>So when I thought about
Baltimore before I came here, the firs thing that came
to mind was “The Wire.” I was a big fan of “The Wire,” but I think that “The Wire” has mischaracterized what Baltimore actually is. I find Baltimore to be
a very beautiful place with a lot of character in it. My very favorite part of
the city is Fell’s Point. It’s a very walkable,
beautiful neighborhood. It’s also a place where
you can just sit down and have a coffee, listen
to music, read a book, and just relax after a long day.>>Kamaria: Hopkins has
given me the opportunity to flourish not only as a
physician, but as a mom. We love everything about our neighborhood. We love the access to the park which is only a few blocks away. We love that we are able to
just walk in the neighborhood and go to our local restaurants. We are very happy that
we made this choice. It’s our home now.>>Ashley: I’m not sure
there’s anywhere else that I have seen where you can mix the issues that you see with the people that you work with and the
oversight that you have to provide excellent patient care. I’m so happy that I chose Hopkins. It provides everything
that I was looking for.

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