Johns Hopkins Breast Surgery Fellowship

Johns Hopkins Breast Surgery Fellowship

[MUSIC] I’m Maureen O’Donnell, and I’m a breast surgeon at Sibley
Memorial Hospital in Washington DC. I undertook my career in breast
surgery at Sibley, thanks to my training as a breast surgical
oncology fellow at Johns Hopkins. The typical surgeon undertakes five
years of general surgery training. In my case, I went on to
my general surgery career. But when I realized that to truly do
the best job taking care of breast cancer patients,
I needed to focus only on that. By taking that additional year of
breast surgical oncology training, you have that added specialization that allows you to take much better
care of breast cancer patients. My clinical practice is
dedicated to the whole spectrum of breast disease. Operating on patients
with breast cancers, coordinating care with
the entire breast team, and treating patients at
high risk for breast cancer. Without this support of the PBDA,
the breast surgery fellowship might not have a funding source
that can be relied upon. In many academic centers,
fellowships have had to be eliminated because
of lack of funding. But through the support of the PBDA,
the breast surgery oncology fellowship at Hopkins
will continue to thrive. Surgical care is evolving. I think we’re developing more
effective chemotherapy, and I think eventually, we may find
that in select groups of patients, we don’t have to offer surgery. The nice thing about breast is
we have such a history of great research, of great surgeons to
guide our current therapy, and so it’s exciting to be in that group of
breast surgeons that may shape care in years to come. [MUSIC]

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