John Bourne, Vanderbilt University/Sloan Consortium

John Bourne, Vanderbilt University/Sloan Consortium

– It’s been an exciting time
over these last fifteen years with the funding from the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to create something new, innovative, and that has made a difference
in higher education. And is continuing to be really productive in moving higher education to provide better access to all people. So I’ve been extremely grateful that over these years the
visions of Ralph Gomery and visions Frank Midas. And our ability to take those visions and translate them into action, which is now resulted
in thousands of people across the United
States, across the world. That have really become
significantly involved in online education has
been a tremendous thing. So my thanks go out to the foundation for having provided the support. And I think that support
is making a big difference in the way Americans
and others are educated. So, it’ll doubtless prove as we go forward that people will look back and say, “This has been a turning point for providing access
to more and more people with higher quality
kinds of capabilities.” The foundation has been so instrumental in helping us move this ball forward. So in terms of Tony the kinds of things that I think that we’ve talked about over the last minutes. And talking about the kinds of activities that have occurred with
the Sloan Consortium, it’s been largely exploratory. Looking at smaller projects, trying things out, discarding
things that didn’t work and keeping those things that did. Starting from humble beginnings in both a journal. Humble beginnings with work shops and other activities
that consortium has grown and reached more and more people. We don’t know where it’s going, and we don’t know where it will end up. But for sure it is making a
difference in American life.

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