John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

The Knauss fellowship directly contributed to
my ability to find a position by allowing me to simultaneously look for work while actually working. It was a huge learning curve but very challenging but that also made it really exciting I probably learned more about civics in
that year than I ever did in high school or college. The National Sea Grant Program was the result of the collaborative efforts of Senators Claiborne Pell, Athelstan Spilhaus, and John Knauss in 1966. Thirteen years later Seagram’s flagship internship program was established. it is called the Dean John Knauss Marine
Policy Fellowship in recognition of his leadership role in
the creation of Sea Grant. The notion was that we’ll have a special
program where these students have an opportunity to
come to Washington DC and worked for a year. It was a great experience to be able to come to DC and really get a hint on how things happened at the headquarters. The Knauss is a unique fellowship in
that a graduate or recently graduated student can spend
one year in Washington DC working on marine policy for either the legislative or executive
branches of government. They take new fellows once a year and it is called Placement Week. Some go down to Congress. They’re legislative fellows. Some stay in Silver Spring because they’re going to be talking to or listening to various government agencies who would like them worked there for a year. I did week of Placement Week and I ended up with quite a few different choices for a placement. I ended up in the executive branch so I was matched with the office of protective resources and went to work in the large whale program there. I assumed that I would be a better
fit as a scientist for the executive branch and so when I was placed in the legislative branch I was a little taken aback. bar that turned out to be a great
experience, a great experience. It is so different than being in
graduate school. I learned so much. The strengthen of the Knauss fellowship is
that it does allow you that flexibility to explore things that
interest you while simultaneously providing you with real-world work
experience. So while working I was able to pick up
things that really peaked my interest and pursue them. Which led me back to
Alaska. you’re going to have a free pass to test
tech company email unfair I really want to know what the director
protected resource and that is back and they open up a dirty or not half an hour
to chat with you about their job and then how that matter where they are where but
you might need to do next in order to get
somewhere you definitely have your work to do but you’re able to explore you the opened up these opportunities I
feel like everyone’s door was was open until my experience with the
canals and actually being involved in
policy-making and sponsored legislative experience I hadn’t really thought about moving
into the policy field at all it was an opportunity to since step out of my PhD work to apply what I’ve been learning in the classroom
and to really think about what I wanna to accomplish and now thesis project you
know just think it’s great exposure whether it becomes a lifetime pass for you or whether it’s
just a stepping stone on its just incredible exposure in defeated the work done any negative branch and the legislative
branch I think this probably mice second day there walking
into the office one staffers from senator Stevens was
there and in the office in set down and start
talking with me said on listen we’re looking at putting
in a new national standard in the magnuson act that would require that people consider
the effect on fishing communities you wanna help about that I had no idea really what exactly within the magnuson act so
I didn’t really have much experience but maybe right into something it was very
politically contentious the year before I started my fellowship that congress
actually reauthorize the magnuson-stevens Act sexy got to break
the national guidelines establishing new standards that actually
for each fishery around the country to insure that we handed over fishing
while continually achieve you know what I mean so the the process around that was
enormous like team building yeah it was really gratifying to and as
soon as I came to work in the region here working with the same issues actually
implementing them this time fair that they’re taking those guidelines that we
work on actually turn them into regional
regulations most that might have during that year
way working on a strategy with the team who developed the regulations to protect
North Atlantic right whales from ship strike on anything people I the UN and for me
and very eye-opening to me how how regulation is built from the ground
up the congressional staffers care members
of congress hereeeee they’re both and the right background
papers I was overcame a desire a lot of very brief cheap mortgage documents alleged
killer issue outlining the important things recently
completed here is needed and that this national
report and it let me answer to tap into I love that
different databases that are available that holds fisheries deep and entered a bad I’ll be
able to play when I land here if they go out to their reach into that Northwest fisheries
Science Center no for an Alaskan going to Washington DC can be a big change I thank you for that
they can be a real culture shock coming from the West Coast I i grew up
in juneau so for me there whether period
adjustment there but it was also very very exciting time to really be in that
Peter power and departed so much the Japanese fish so much going on culturally
politically obviously 950 Kylie and much of it it’s pretty
much evidence just available to: so one you know when the receptive to
that the pretty private place to be for a while me and fifty it leads to at a great that
need to be in my late 20 way let me make and I
always joke that everyone in the theater just like the city offers plenty of recreational
activities that has musical festivals professional sports classical music answers and sidewalk
cafes you can take walks on the mall or go for
a bike ride or run along the Potomac River I don’t
think it changed my life so much as at provided me and that I like but I as
looking for I think it’s fantastic really shaped my
career I knew them where I was going to go I
was going to go into academics and silver spring had an
opening and I was able to apply for that anyways because I’m my cap Experian I without the able pair
applied for the job here laughing at night they’re
mad are remember stranding coordinator for debatable at camp and i also morning are large well management
activities from background being headquarters and he will be
understand how the system works and and how the policy works as regulations
are formed move to the public process and actually
become become law and that’s very similar to
what I do today my position right now I work with the
fisheries management Council to you interpret a shot at the Science
the economics pretty much everything behind an issue and I write these documents I interpret
I believe these rationales three different arguments that are used
by the decision makers to actually make a recommendation to the National
Marine Fisheries Service my fellowship allowed me the opportunity to do that
council meetings as they were in session through the connections that I made
during my time in washington DC and while I was able to attend council
meetings I was able to find employment after my photo concluded I’m the director for
sustainable fisheries are brash basically manages all the
federal Fisheries of Herbalife the day-to-day management opening and
closing fisheries me interact with the North Pacific
Council comes to policy development responsible for developing of the
regulations responsible federal management we interact regularly
but the state of Alaska and various resource issues title and this is their with North
Pacific Council staff in terms of this job now there are still
people that I am act with for back in DC or for gone to the
fellowship for whom I met when I was a fellow or problems with me that I still deal
with on a regular basis that play the great thing about can ask her grams
it just plenty right into a network quincy right into US
Federal agency for a year have a chance to make connections you
have the chance to see what it’s like they were gathering every week they wear you happy hour then speaker then demand on you know a lot a minute to give it
give you the opportunity to network but also just to create community among
other com like-minded professionals and you know I know that a lot about that
Bella have long-standing friendship from from that cohorts convent together it’s
really really powerful be able to work there for a
while and see me how that works that informs you far
better than you ever could get from a book it’s well worth it apply even if you’re just considering it apply
and while you are in your fellowship explores many different avenues as
possible don’t be afraid to come in China something male even know I have laptop after be happening 10 provide here can help
you build build a career you’re really passionate
about what you doing at completely recommend this fellowship I think it’s a great opportunity you
know no matter how that you are not particular path if you
haven’t read on in marine work and in the hobby
beyond I i did. can recommend it the house
fellowship with the opportunity and I can’t think anything that would
have been a more valuable use point way %uh ok to learn more about or apply for the Johnny Canales marine
policy fellowship call Alaska Sea Grant at 907 474 70 86 or visit the Alaska Sea Grant website at www dot Alaska Sea Grant dot org

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