Joel Hartman, Southern Regional Education Board/Sloan Consortium

Joel Hartman, Southern Regional Education Board/Sloan Consortium

– Comments about the importance of the foundation’s efforts
of building community insight, practitioners and so on. I think that if it was not for Doctor Gomery and Frank
and the foundation’s interest in this concept, which I think, as Ralph was saying today goes back before the internet existed, okay?. Think how far out in the
future and what a risky idea that would have been
when it first came up. Idea of fundamentally offering, offering education over
some technical medium, and eventually the internet came about, the internet became the medium it was. I mean, how advanced that thinking was, and how difficult that would
have been at that point in time to get people to think it
wasn’t a crack pot idea. I mean really, when it first began. Then the question was how can
you teach through a computer, and then are you going to
replace faculty with computer? All of these transitional notions where the traditional thinking must have been threatened by these ideas and dismissed as useless or whatever. What I think the foundation in combination with the universities
that have funded it did was to address all of
those notions and fears with fact, practice and scholarship that shows that, in fact,
that original concept that Dr. Gomery was a
true and valid concept, way ahead of it’s time.

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