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  1. Wow this guy is the only sensible Democrat I've heard talking about this situation. What's his hidden agenda? 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  2. Joe – did you hear what Trump said ? Trump is going to bring this to a civil end for the good for all even if Iran keeps it up. Seems you are talking out of both sides of your mouth and you certainly do not understand how the three branches work, a common shortfall of Democrats almost across the board.

  3. Trump is nothing more than a stupid paranoid who lies without shame. He surrounds himself with synchpahnts and yes men. He treats everything like he conducting a business propmotion. Diplomacy – he hasn't got any idea what his word means. This is the idiot the American people voted in to run this country.

  4. Our voters people president trump knows what he is doing don't let the enemy know what he is doing don't tell the enemy our strategy and let the fake news media tell the opposite of what we're doing and let the gang of 8 know what he wants the news media to spread will tell, so thay won't know what he is going to do love this president thank you president trump u are one step ahead of the news media and Democrats

  5. In other Fox news, "Plane crash in Iran may likely be caused by tech malfunction." And, all comments are blocked. If anyone actually believes the media at large is not playing you, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…

  6. Send the UN peacekeepers currently being hired to take away American's guns to Iran, other Middle East Countries, Kenya & other African countries where they are really needed.

  7. we aren’t the only super power, i would consider China and Russia as other powers not that i like them but they do have a strong military

  8. funny how that General DID have the Iranian government authorizing his attacks which killed scores of other nationalities-many of them non combatants- yet this isn't mentioned in criticisms of trump's actions.

  9. It pisses me off that people in my state keep voting for him as governor and senator. Their all old idiots that believe his lies every election season, he says he's for coal (he isn't), he makes commercials that makes him look pro gun (he isn't). Yet all you old idiots vote for him year after year, as well as criminals like Jim Justice and it sickens me.

  10. So Manchin used to be a moderate Democrat…..and then the party turned into the socialist party of America. So is he going to embrace socialist Marxism also?
    He should switch parties. 🙂

  11. Joe Manchin is one politician l have always been impressed with. No personal bone to pick with Donald Trump. The danger of been totally partisan is that you can lose objectivity. Sean Hannity and Michael Moore and Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher the imbeciles on the view just to mention a few are prime examples of how dangerous it is to be so partisan.

  12. If anyone is able to negotiate with those terrorists, it will be Trump, but I still don't trust them. Let's get out of the Middle East.

  13. Nothing dumber than a box of rocks? Yes there is,… a bunch of Democrats. Manchain does not understand or comprehend the mindset of the Islamic followers. He is applying his mores and social convictions ,understanding, and thinking he can weigh and attempting to apply these to people who are still operating with and in a 7th Century mindset. This in all, is a fatal and deadly approach.

  14. Hey joe, how about getting your own party to listen to you and practicing what your telling our president to do.

  15. F*** you Manchin, we tried doing it your way and it went s*** . Now sit down, try to relax and see how it's really done.

  16. Joe … you're a fool. diplomacy civility with Iran?… WE HAVE BEEN civil… it's the other way around. It's time for IRAN to be CIVIL to the USA and the rest of the World. DON'T shove the blame on the USA.

  17. We’re impeaching you, but we all gotta work together….liar. And bring God into his deception. Just like a serpent.

  18. Hey Joe , why not the USA launch a 100 or so missiles into Iran at military targets like oil refineries , air bases , uranium enrichment reactors , naval boats , etc. … you know just to "save face" , I'm sure we can all agree that wouldn't be war , right !!!!

  19. iran is none of anyones business. america should be internal only, figure out how to keep the people internal within country, happy, working, employed, satisfied, happy, clean communities, plenty of money, no debt,. etc.

  20. Joe Manchin is a discrace to W.V. and this country I hope our citizens get him out of our state this next election and I'll be working here to make sure that happens.

  21. From what I've heard President Trump say is he wants to be diplomatic now that he's demonstrated that the U. S. is not going to roll over. What do you think?

  22. Civility with Iran lol? Laughable. That's like expecting a Hyena to give up being a Hyena if you just keep tossing meat to it.

  23. I wish there were more democrats like joe manchin willing to compromise and be diplomatic the extreme partisanship has got to stop!

  24. Is Manchin serious? Put it in the simplest of terms. You’re on the street. Several people accost you and intend to maim you, maybe even take your life. Manchin wants you to talk your way out of this life threatening situation. Good luck with that.

  25. Manchin wants the partisanship to stop. Incredible. Every democrat voted for the impeachment. He better look around. All the problems are from the democrats.

  26. Diplomacy takes two sides sticking to the rules … Iran can not be negotiated with period !! They know only one way to rule and that's by force !!!!!!

  27. What is that guy saying? He WANTS President Trump to Request War Acts from congress. Looks to me that he is requesting war and Trump isn't thinking of war but common sense resolutions to the problem. also Trump would fight a war to WIN. He probably doesn't put to much faith in fighting a Political Correct hands tied behind your back kinda war. It would probably be a very short war with minimal lose of American Blood. That reminds me, Trump has a new Military Branch of Government.

  28. Mr. Manchin, this is Iraq. Bush took us there. Obummer conducted operations there. So can Trump. This is not a New War.

  29. i was held in iranian jail for nearly ten years. these people living with lie. and the only way to save the the world is to declare the all out war against iran. the biggest mistake that made of america when OBAMA sat down and talk with iran. if u sit down and talk with iran then iran will continue to decieve the world thats thier expertise.

  30. Please anyone point me to any report that refers to Soleimani as a bad actor in whatever fashion prior to his killing. If there is none, this is blatant after-the-fact propaganda to justify the assassination of probably the most important figure in the fight against ISIS.

  31. There may be 2 arms of government but we all know that the democrats in congress will always oppose President Trump no matter what! There is no working with them!

  32. You know I've always kind of like Joe you seem reasonable didn't seem like the typical Democrat but you know, it's like this or like I just would like to be able to sit down and make friends with demons, or like for the I wish I could sit down and pet him.
    Sounds good Joe we're also never going to happen you know it sounds good it's all so stupid

  33. Peace like in iraq, syria, libya, Afghanistan? Come on now. Who buys this narrative. They have and old saying in iran. It says you had never pissed on hard ground now, had you?

  34. Just a pre warning in 2 days time 11/1/20 biological warfare pathogens are going to be released into america. You won't know which states are responsible or where they shall be released. If you have any complaints I really don't care so enjoy lol.


  36. Another know nothing dolt spewing his opinion on what should be done to fix the mess his party created. Well bud, Trump seems to be doing a fine job of undoing your idiot party's mess, despite your goofy party's constant meddling and obstructing him.

  37. Gentleman Joe, the last moderate Democrat. He will have to convert to Republican or be eaten by the communist left. There is no room for a moderate in his party anymore. The inmates now run the asylum.

  38. horse hockey your the exception conservative voters see there is no more getting along with 1 worlders, the squad, antifa, fake news and turncoats like mitch mcconnell {the turtle…touching cotton} who voted for nafta( yes full on bewildering voted for nafta) if they want to get along then we go right hard right not to the center .Remember when the nit wit said "eh the republicans can come along they just have to ride in the back" we wont forget!!!!!

  39. Jimmy Carter's plan to deal with Iran was HORRIBLE! Reagan's plan worked great! Reagan told Iran, "Mess with me and you won't have a single palm tree!"

  40. Trump spills his drink: Blame it on Obama or Hillary. He's like a whining teenager who cries that all his problems are the fault of others and "Everyone is out to ruin my fun life!!!!! Waaaaaaaa". What a snowflake. Boomers and Millennials are more alike than they want to admit. The only difference is that Boomers are old hippies pretending to be conservatives now. 22T in debt. Brought to you by Boomers!

  41. Congress is to corrupt to tell anything!!!! Trump did the right thing!!! And NOW CONGRESS IS WHINING!!! Why didn't they do this with Obama??????

  42. Why would Fox let someone no smarter than Joe come on their show. He just hopes he doesn’t get voted out of office.

  43. Hey bud. As the super power of the world, if would like to save your troops' life, you should come back to your homes. What are you doing here in the middle east region, thousands kilometers far from the US.

  44. We Republicans will always stand strong together through all the times that happen, and continue to prosper in this landscape of terrain. When it comes to what we do, and all the future that's there in this, but there's simply no stopping what beginnings we can offer to each other, as we triumphantly slide towards special times of economic prosperity and we know who did it. We have a great leader, leading us to the places of the country, and he knows the things, and he has the credentials to make the deal happen. Thank you sir. You make us all feel like a country in 2020 and for many orange moons of hope.

  45. I'll tell ya a little secret…that middle eastern coalition thingy what bush 2 referred to as" the axis of evil"..using a ww2 reference pertaining to Germany Japan and Italy…well "the middle eastern coalition" has to do specifically with "the United eastern Arabic emerates" reaches into Saudi Arabia and consists mostly of Arabs who took over by violence and force the oil fields in each region..they separated and did there own religious beliefs systems as a governing body…well the people in most of those areas of each namely Palestine Lebanon Syria Iran and Saudi Arabia…the people who originally lived there…sssh quite those aren't their original religions and secretly wish to be free of such…but they also do not wish to die…at least that's what they told me…I love'em but I don't honestly see a way to denuclearize Iran without invasion and as far as caliphates mullahs and such the crowned princes like Saudi Arabia..are trying to revive to ties with the royal rich people from Russia..I don't know what they were called…just thought I'd tell ya…they have a saying..and it has to do with Western influence in oil rich countries and the Arabic regions something similar to "enemy of my enemy" thingy..but it's about Arabs…just so's ya know.

  46. Appease my tip.
    Peace Parrot on the backs of volunteers.
    Pandering to the lips of yellow journalist and Bolshevik globalist pigs is not a winning strategy.

  47. Manchin needs to work on the Communists that snuck in and took over the old Democrat party. You Dems are endangering lives. 176 people dead because we didnt challenge Irans attacks. Their blood is on your hands. There were alot of children and young people on that plane. They lost their lives because of you bleeding heart insane asylum escapees .

  48. So many people want to be King of the show but Trump is Commander and Chief, dont forget it!!! He doesnt listen to petty humans who know nothing of reality!

  49. Sorry, Joe, but diplomacy and civility have been tried for forty years. They aren't interested. Why do you think terrorism is actually a state policy in Iran? The leaders in Iran are not diplomatic or civilized. There is only one policy that works with them — when they hit us, we hit them ten times harder.

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