Job vs Business career growth with an example | Story of B.E. Pass vs B.A. Fail Student

Job vs Business career growth with an example | Story of B.E. Pass vs B.A. Fail Student

hello friends Once we complete our degree we are in search of job and after 2 or 3 years after getting your job at least once we think about starting our own business lets look at difference between job and business If you are working in company then your guaranteed to get your monthly pay no matter how much work you do your working time is fixed you are instructed about the work you have to do on the other hand If you talk about business you don’t know how much money you’ll earn monthly you have to take care of your business and its growth you have to decide what, where and for how much time you work lets have a look at example to understand differences between job and business In this example we are going thorough life journey of be pas and ba fail student ramaswami after completing his B.E. starts working in big multinational company where he gets big salary every one congratulates him family members feels proud about him ramaswami’s neighbour madaswami fails B.A. so his family members gets upset now madaswami don’t have any interest in study he wants to start a business and he is getting many suggestions for that but he needed 2Lakh rs to start business he borrows money from his mother and uncle and starts business of selling milk because of big salary ramaswami buys bike on his creidcard and madaswami starts selling milk on his old bike 6 months later ramaswami repaid 20% of bike loan he still have to pay 80000 Rs on the other hand madaswami had returned 1Lakh Rs to his uncle he sill have to pay 1Lakh Rs one year later ramaswami is thinking about goos hike but because of recession none of the employee gets good hike at the same time price of 1 litre milk increases to 14 Rs due to which madaswami’s profit increases by 30% and he return 1Lakh Rs to his uncle ramaswami repays his bike loan and buys furniture, tv and laptop on 2Lakh loan madaswami buys 12 more cows from his profit and doubles his income 2 years later ramaswami gets 10% hike and buys car on loan on the other hand madaswami buys 2 acres of land for his 3 dozen cows till this time milks price increases by 30% and his income becomes 200% greater than ramaswami madaswami buys car to sell milk 2 more years later ramaswami buys home on 40Lakh Rs home same time madaswami has 126 cows and 2 homes ramaswami gets 10% hike and milk price increases to 40 because of which madaswamis income becomes 500% more than ramaswami after 5 years ramaswami is disturbed because madaswami is owner of 4 crores and have monthly income of 5 Lakh and he have 25 workers at the same time ramaswamis annual income is 7Lakh and 40Lakh Rs loan in 2008 milk price was 10 Rs and now its 40 Rs same way gold price was 12,500 but now its 30,000 in this period employees average salary increases by 30% but comoditiese price increase by 300% like and comment if you like our video subscribe to our channel MinutesGyan for more videos

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  1. brother ye total wrong hai kio k har kam me beshake wo job ho ya bussiness is me ik time acha aur ik bura ata hai ise traha job wlye nye acha time dyhka aur bad me bora sur ayge os ki mahnt par depend hai lkin bussieness wala 5 year k bad koi acha time dyhak rha hai ab is ka bora time ayne ka chance zyda haii …. samjo zra bat kll

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  3. Doodh ki qeemat to bhar jati hai lakin cost bhi to barh tey Hain. Ye Sara profit thori hota hai. Good video but examples are not accurate

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  7. Bas aisa Nahi hai bhae, no offence but sab logo pe depend hota hai ki wo apna income kaise use kare. Job meh bhi bahut Acha hai agar usse meh expertise karo toh. Job Karke bhi bahut log rich hue hai. Depend karta hai ki hum kiske lia bane hai.

  8. Bhai jise padhai m interest ho woh toh job hi kare but jise padhai m interest nhi hai woh business kar Sakta hai……….

  9. bhai kisi bhi nokri krne ke liye jitna phadai Karna padta hai na jbki nokri Milne ke bad upto lakh tak ki nokri milti hi hai par usse um mehnat krne dusro ka business chlate hai aur usse bhadiya to ek restaurant walla khud ka business krke kama leta hai par nokri me thora kam tension hai

  10. Ab to 2019 chl raha he or 10th or 12th fail ladka ya ladki in b.e or jyada degree kamane walo se jyada ache se bina koi tension jee rahe h or me job ki baat nai kr raha hu ki wo log aram se jee rahe h?

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