JIRA Core: Business Team Use Cases

JIRA Core: Business Team Use Cases

(♪ music ♪) Every great team is unique. JIRA now offers a purpose built experience
for each of these teams; allowing every team in your organization
to do its best work. Let’s take a closer look at JIRA Core, a product and task management solution
for business teams. Does this sound like your team? What’s the status? Where is that file?
We’re delayed again? Manage your teamwork with JIRA Core. For example, a marketing team
uploads content to a website; they need to track a lot of tasks. With JIRA Core, your team can be fast. Match how your team works and pick the business template
that suits your style. Be in the know so you can always see
what’s going on. Be organized so all project information
is in one place. HR teams can use JIRA Core for onboarding new employees
and tracking new candidates. Legal teams can use JIRA Core
to track and review legal documents, such as contracts, NDAs,
and privacy policies. Finance teams can use JIRA Core
to keep track of and approve purchases. You can even close financial books. Any business team can use JIRA Core
for any type of project. JIRA Core:
any business team, any project. (♪ music ♪)

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