Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

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  1. We all now know his name and his photo. He needs to come forward and be questioned. Failing to do so proves that he is a LIAR!

  2. TRUTH gives Power to watch Rot Feed on itself. So much Trash & Lies to Sweep Up, Keep turning piles – I'm ready for Swamp to Decompose!

  3. These is not about whether trump is a good president is about what he did . Violation to the constituion is a crime and should be taken to court period . You trump followers need to see these trump violated the constitution of the United States of America 🇺🇸. He wouldn’t be in these mess if he didn’t commit some sort of fraud . These has already pass the judiciary branch of congress okay so trump did something wrong he needs to pay for these crimes . That’s why we have the constituion Republican trying to save becuse he is a repubclsn even though he commited these crimes which I. Turn makes it corruption from the republicans party to try to save a criminal like trump .

  4. Who would have thought, Cohen turned out to be the only stand up criminal in Trump’s orbit. Keep watching mushrooms, get your daily fix of bull.

  5. how with common sense can this farce go on ????? it is not legitimate and the dems are nuts to think the american people are buying this farce the end result all who participated in ths wll disappear and the ameican people will be able to move forward with things that need to get done for the good of the country

  6. It’s true Whistle Blower… it’s time to come out. It’s inevitable anyways. Hopefully this Whistle blower isn’t being controlled and knows what’s really going on around he or she. All Whistle blowers have to just like all the others … show themselves….it’s just scary I highly assume and presume lol

  7. Nasty people,we now understand who runs the country n the world…..it’s frightening to have idiots having so much power

  8. This is literally propaganda. State TV.

    the whistleblower doesnt matter. Many other people have already confirmed the info, fact. Vindman was literally on the call.

    Even Gym Jordan cant argue the substance and facts so he attacks the process. pathetic. How can people still support these people.

  9. Every Democrat running for President, and calling for impeachment, is guilty of election interference.
    As is every Democrat in The House for voting to support the fraudulent impeachment inquiry.

  10. The REPUBLICAN party is going to pay for defending DONALD NIXON TRUMP!

  11. Jim we all know you know more than what your telling us only because you ahave been in so many meetings of the Intel com. Which I think it's the best move on your part! Love you Jim Jordan!

  12. Playground name calling is par for the course for Trump and his sycophants! Everything Jordan says is false! It's tough playing by the rules Republicans made, isn't it Jimmy boy? Here's a crying towel!

  13. Modern day heroes = Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, Matt Gaetz, Goodlate, Louie Ghomert, Chuck Grassley, Lee Zeldin, James Okeefe, Liz Crokin, Brian Coates, John Soloman, Seth Rich, all the girls who came out against Epstein, President Trump, and they who awoke a sleeping giant= Q.

  14. Shiff is the whistle blower there is no one else he made it up with all the house democrats even Nancy Pelosi when they were voting on the impeachment inquiry she Practiced saying yes it’s all on video

  15. They can say Whistleblower all they want. Until we hear it from the Horse's mouth. All it is… is just rumors and gossip until they state under oath first hand evidence. Otherwise it is all just bar talk, hate speech and partisan bull that is only intended to harm ones character. Enough is enough! Put up or shut up Schiff!!!

  16. This is all fake!!, and this guy and these media people and the fake talk show on radio and even Trump ok they are all staring in this total distraction from what they are really up to ok still no mention of criminality!!!!!!, this is total bull crap and someone needs to charge these people!!!, any one of us can file charges against this total treason crimes!!!, my God!!!

  17. Fox News will you stop turning comments off, why are you doing that? Even fake news CNN doesn't turn off comments

  18. Jim Jordan smiling means he is defeated! Not a good sign ! Look at his shoulders drooping. I feel sorry for him. He is even speaking slower than he used to

  19. I think that trying to get Shiff to be interviewed is kind of another one of those things the Trumpbulicans do when they have no real answer to the truth. Throw up a rood block and some shiny object for the base to see.
    What would be really good is to get Dump Trump to testify in front of the committee. Remember it was his lawyer who said they would not let him testify in front of Mueller since he cannot answer any questions without lying. As they called it a purgery trap for him to sit and answer under oath. He would purger himself without even thinking about as he would be trying to boast and lie his way out of everything he doesn't know or understand.
    Vote Blue 2020

  20. You people should be ashamed of yourselves because your all sold out and I can see right through this, don't you people notice how they tell you that shif is more powerful than Trump and so on and so on, you people make me sick,

  21. Several time fox news has repeated that the whistle blower story was not true. Why do they keep saying that? Innocence, would not hide behind lies. Maybe people who watch fox, just don't want the truth?

  22. Sh!t Head Schiff has done more damage to the Democratic Party than the Republicans will ever think about doing.

  23. This is exactly how a Communist Demo Rat party works! The hell with the peoples vote! Just rip and tear at our constitution and Like it!! BS!!!

  24. There's something really wrong with that Schiff guy, Those eyes just scream psychopath to me. Honestly, there's something wrong with everything about him. The guy seriously gives me the creeps. Call it a gut feeling, but it' hasn't let me down in 62 years on this planet.

  25. Jim Jordan's body language says it all… Slumped shoulders, head hung low… It must be difficult to defend the indefensible.

  26. YES, get him on the committee. He didn't say a word last week, maybe he can come to Dementia 45's defense. Make sure Nunes and Meadows are there too. Do they talk? Can't wait to hear and see the attempt to discredit the witnesses. Maybe talk about the process some more? Substance time guys, substance. Wrestling coach Jordan to the rescue.

  27. We need a person that hates sin. The more you stick your neck out, Jim, the more Father God will exult you.
    There are millions of us rooting for you. May 24/7 prayer sites be raised up to keep the momentum going.
    Apart from HIM we can do nothing. With HIM all things are possible. WWG1WGA

  28. Is this how Jim Jordan saved his butt and double talked against those kids, that as their coach turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of them. Most people involved in the case don't believe for a minute that he is the only person that didn't know what was going on. Big shot dropped the ball on the protection of those kids and he is dropping the ball now with his lying. He is a coward.

  29. So transcripts have been released and they don't look good for Trump unless people are lying under oath. The secret meetings, so lauded during the Benghazi hearings did have 47 Republicans on those secret committees. Trump answered written questions during the Mueller probe and you thought it flew then but for a whistle blower threatened by the president, not so much? If this whole enchilada is about corruption, there should be several other examples of Giuliani tackling corruption involving other countries. But if the president was trying to make the Ukraine responsible for interference during the 2016 election instead of Russia as all our security agencies confirm, and he was trying to get a foreign power to manufacture dirt on a political opponent by withholding military aid to fight Russia, then all this would make perfect sense and the president would be a corrupt SOB willing to lie about anything, like porn stars, word for word transcripts, Russian meetings, a tower in Moscow, releasing taxes, polling numbers, oh, it's a long list.

  30. Go Mr Jordan… Of the 450 plus representatives in office today… Jim… You are respected responsible and ethical… Rare… Wishing you receive a prominent position in the Trump administration… Respected…

  31. look what he did with bengazi,NOTHING. he is a complete failure. no convictions nothing .this guys worse than trey gowdy

  32. You need to question the whistle blower and Adam Schiff to determine credibility without this no advancement of the truth

  33. HOW does an anonymous person answer written questions? Does he sign the answers "Anonymous"?!?!?!?! 🤣 How do we know Adam Schiff is not answering them? How do we know the "whistleblower" isn't Adam Schiff?
    IF he lies in written answers, who do you charge with perjury? Anonymous? What a joke.

  34. Shifty is a fact witness who tempered with witnesses and information–he must testify. And the so-called 'whistleblower', the liar and leaker Ciaramella must come to testify in person about what Schiff did to him and his political biases.

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