Jim Jordan blasts Schiff’s speech: The American people aren’t buying it

Jim Jordan blasts Schiff’s speech: The American people aren’t buying it

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  1. Our country is under attack within, us Americans need to ban together and grow balls and rid of all foreign and domestic enemies!!!!!!

  2. Lets review this, Trump attempts to investigate joe biden laundering billions of our tax dollars through the Ukraine back into hunter Bidens bank account. And the push back cover is more of our tax dollars spent on impeachment. We American citizens want the corrupt Democrats in a 6×6 jail cell . Lets not about bidens brother taking billions of our tax dollars to supposedly build homes in iraq.

  3. This impeachment garbage is absolutely the most boring thing I've ever seen, and I've only seen tiny bits and tiny pieces because it's so boring, and if I might add, Trump 20/20!

  4. Wow, just checked on the national debt and deficit. GDP still sooo low. This is a disaster friends. As a fiscal responsible republican I can't belief what our great party became! God bless!

  5. Ove been trying to follow the impeachment but I can't listen to the Democrats repeating the same boring old "They're all Russian spies" rhetoric anymore. They just continue to spew ridiculous propaganda and Naddler sounds terrible today. Clearly his assistants are writing his speeches and he seems to be having a hard time reading them. Maybe it's because they are making people question the Dems more than anything they're accusing our President of.

  6. Adam Schiff , Pelosi and that chubby guy are the ones who are going to prison along with many other of their criminal friends! Mark my words. Meanwhile P. Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong, and We The People stand with him!

  7. It is a very worrying development in politics that the political opponent is no longer tried to be defeated with better arguments and ideas, but that today smear campaigns and slander are used to try to eliminate opponents. And not just in the United States, but everywhere in western civilization. Wherever the left can no longer win with arguments, because people simply no longer swallow this nonsense.

  8. The best thing we true, patriotic American citizens can do is to show up at the ballot boxes and show them how many of us truly support our president. Make sure everybody you know is there and casting their vote. Don't assume enough will go, assume that he can't win unless YOU are there also!

  9. This hate crime impeachment is so ridiculous I feel sorry for the republican Senators that are sitting through this crap.

  10. In other words Adam Schiff is a psychotic liar does it every waking hour of the day. He should resign from the Congress immediately what a disgrace he is to the nation into the district he represents.

  11. The democRATs can talk all they want. We see lies, corruption, and power hungry CRETAINS‼️. THEY MUST BE STOPPED…ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⚖️📜⚖️📜⚖️📜⚖️📜⚖️

  12. Any human being who hear Schiff talk and constantly say Trump is trying to cheat and believes that, is too naive, lost and have no mind of their own. HOW is doing what is your duty as President to investigate corruption something wrong and cheating? HOW is doing your JOB cheating? Even if the investigation(s) was to "dig up dirt on opponent" (oh, that is them admitting that Joe will be CHOSEN, not elected), there is still very valid reason(s) to investigate and it is his JOB as President to do so and before given more tax payer money to that nation.

  13. Whistle blower was a scam! There is no such person, but those in true power have allowed the folly to lead the final endgame for a truly new breath in government. Such a huge complicated game is now playing that makes butter shudder. (Shuttering butter, butter shutter…)

  14. The media are in with the democrats you know who you are put people in prison how can they lie like that and get away with it

  15. This really is a truly great President we have. I never watched 'The Apprentice" so I'm not resentful of anything from that show. I'm not jealous of a rich man with a beautiful wife. I never knew much about Donald Trump until around 2011– only that he makes a lot of sense. All this investigation against him, and nothing ever gets turned up. You all know that if he had done something bad at any time, it would be front and center. But in the end — no skeletons in his closet — nothing more than false accusations. 3 years of slanders, and nothing has come of it. The independents like me no longer care about smears, just that the job gets done for America.

  16. This is the biggest joke I'm watching the committee of whatever to impeach the president. And this senator can early even read what's written in front of her face that tells me that overnight or in the last couple days they came up with all this stuff about Biden and his son BN thieves. I thought that it was about President Trump not about exonerating did Vice President and his son but that seems to be the only thing there looking into it this point so they can try to give us all a bunch of stuff that doesn't even go along with the Constitution.

  17. I've only served on a jury one time. It was a robbery homicide case. The prosecutor's opening remarks only lasted about 20 minutes. WTF does Schiff need 4 hours for his opening remarks?

  18. Liz what goes around comes a round. In there faces. Because they can't defeat him, they think that with lies they will. Imposible with the record in the economy, with the lower unemployment and the stock going up, and up.keep dreaming

  19. This circus needs to stop now. All their evidence is based on their totally Biased expert witnesses. Not to mention they met in private to go over their testimony.

  20. Right now they got all their pretty boards set up that were paid for by the American taxpayer one of them being me. I'm nervous seeing a such a waste of time and money in my life but the world is watching. I cannot believe these people getting front of cameras and act like they're in kindergarten. The biggest circus on Earth right now we're watching it live.

  21. As usual: talking to hear yourself when you have work to do. Until you end this I don't need to hear a fn word from you ballsucking Pelicans!

  22. Dems. Lies. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter (but not so tasty!) Like a pair of peanut butter cups, wrap 'em in ORANGE! (Jumpsuits, that is..)

  23. Remember – you American taxpayers are paying for all of this crap – while nobody is doing any work in your government – half of congress is in the Senate.

    Thank you for paying for this entertainment. Elsewhere, we get to see this farce without paying a cent. Which is more than its worth.

  24. Adam Schiff is a known liar. Remember his reading of the transcript? President Trump released the transcript and guess what ? Not a thing Schiff said was in the real transcript. Prosecute Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi for Sedition.

  25. "GREAT SENATORS listen to your inner truthfulness n consciousness please"
    hopefully republican senators may not fall for the bait thrown at them by selfish and power hungery democrats.

  26. Jim is in in the whole scam or hes really stupid. We dont beleive. Text messages and actual phone conversations. Form all these guys that are in Tumps little group of folks that really know what he did is wrong. They dont care…forget the oath. Take the money. So sad. Look up trumps past. Hes screwed over contractors and subs all his life. He BANKRUPTED A CASINO. IN VEGAS. HOW STUPID DI YOU HAVE TO BE TO PULL THAT OFF…

  27. the moron demonclowns that are running for potus couldnt beat trump if trump didnt campaign at all. they are all stupid morons. trump does not have to cheat to beat any of these clowns,especially joe, the crooked child molester, biden. bidens son,brother and other family are the biden crime family that got rich off the ukraine, romania, china and every other country through quid pro joe.

  28. God bless Jim Jordan and our Senator!! We had enough with useless Democrats idiots, make them ashame for what they did to our President Trump, and our country. God bless the United states of America.

  29. The good news is that they look so stupid up there they're making a spectacle out of any kind of integrity that was our government before these people reared there Snakehead up.

  30. So far the Democrats have testified "repeat" "repeat" repeat repeat repeat repeat and on and on. @[email protected]@!&$$$$###&&&&[email protected]@@[email protected]@$%&*( to explain what they are supposed to show in this keystone comedy farce. The truth doesn't matter & the Senate must be committing a crime if they themselves don't agree with the liberal agenda. We have a part of the government that makes their own rules and the constitution & court is irrelevant.

  31. Word of the day on pencil neck Adam Schits calendar was "cheat", then we get to watch MSM cup his balls as they work his schit shaft…The MSM needs to be burned to the ground.

  32. I'm watching this day 4 impeachment,I surely hope the Republicans show the clip of Joe Biden.
    And then military tribunals need to happen ASAP

  33. :30 If we are going to be honest about it. Why would this guy who has Lied to the American people for years have the nerve to even use the word unless of course He said He has not been Honest.

  34. The American Public is disgusted its allowed to go on by either side. My tax dollars are being used to trial this. Just disgusted.

  35. When they exonerate him and they say he's guilty of nothing which the American people believe that he's a truth-teller not a liar like all the Democrats littermaid multi millions of dollars from the American taxpayers and have done nothing. Nobody can talk for 5 hours straight about nothing unless that's what you been doing for the last 20 years you've been in office Shifty shift.

  36. What they are saying is that they can't cheat enough to save one seat that is coming up in 2020 and probably for many years to come.  ><><><   They don't want him to even be on the next ballot, that is why they hate him~!   ><><<   They know he only needs that one last term to clean most of the rest out, because in that 8 years they all come up for a vote somewhere along the line and he can help take them out, one at a time if need be. Give the Dems a complete transfusion.  ><><  It's a mater of Dem/Commies vs. Rep/Americans keep our country a free republic~!

  37. I hope the American People are not buying this crap. I watched the hearings in Congress and these tapes they are playing are not a representation of the truth. It is unfair to tell half the story. This also shows that the entire legal system is forged in lies and can not be trusted. Too many people trying to get somewhere by stepping on the backs of innocent people. Adam Schiff is a liar.

  38. In other words, that Shifthead thinks if you aren't cheating you aren't trying hard enough. Perhaps Republicans should play the same game that bugeyed alian is playing.

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