Jewel | English Short Feature Film | Minu Jacob, Sarin, Jacob | Nithin Nandakumar | Rakesh Kesavan

Jewel | English Short Feature Film | Minu Jacob, Sarin, Jacob | Nithin Nandakumar | Rakesh Kesavan

The world as we see now is coming to an end! A new world is being built where time flows backward. Prince of the New world an Empire of beautiful girls is coming for you! Because, You aren’t worthy for this new world of Beauty. He’s coming for you. Coming for you. You Coming for you. Hello. Should we do it? TANNY. We have talked about this. I am still confused. Let’s not think twice. There is really no other way Do it! Okay. I think she woke up. Will call you, Okay? Okay. Bad dream? No. Don’t remember but I feel really tired. Okay. You sleep well will talk tomorrow. Sir, The documents are ready. Just your signature and the property is yours. Where is the other guy? He moved out, he had an emergency. I am his replacement. Your signature and the deal will be
completed. Great sir. Its done! Whenever you feel like visiting the place just give me a call. I’ll join you. Sure.Thank you. No, Thank you sir. It was great doing business with you. Okay Sir. I’ll be leaving now unless there’s something further I can assist you with. It’s getting dark and unsafe for you to leave. Be my guest for the night. I’ll be visiting town tomorrow early morning and you can go with me. Okay. Take rest, will call you in the morning. Where is JACOB sir? Oh! He’s gone. You don’t have to worry. Wife? Are you his wife? Thanks. Married? No.I’m getting engaged this weekend. Oh, Cool! Do you have pictures? Yeah. She’s cute.You’re very lucky. Thanks. Hello Sir. Hello. This is TANIA my fiancé. The case we talked about It’s her roommate. Oh yes. Tell me. JEWEL and I We have been sharing an apartment since a couple of months. Actually I’m worried about her. It started a week ago when I saw her talking in her sleep. Sometimes making some weird sounds. Just the other day I saw her sleepwalking and she was making some odd gestures with the hands. It’s been scary. I told her about this but she just doesn’t have any clue. Not a dream, that’s what she says. I visited their apartment yesterday doctor. She is normal with no symptoms of any disorder. So I asked TANIA to record a video the next time this happens and sir I don’t know how to interpret this. Show it to me I want to see her today! Can you make the arrangements? Sure sir. We can meet her tonight? Okay. Is she christian by faith? Yes, she is. She was brought up in an orphanage. She was my schoolmate. TANIA, Please do as I say. Take her to a church today and get her to wear a cross! Sure.Okay doctor. I will do that. Sir! Madam! Sorry! I dint hear you. I was downstairs. Okay. All good? Yeah. I would like to meet sir. Where is he? Oh, He went out early in the morning. You were sound asleep then. Oh, Okay. Okay. I will leave now. Okay. He wanted you to have this. Thank you! It’s really nice. Why do all the clocks move backwards here? The church! What does the church have to
do with JEWEL’s symptoms doctor? SAMUEL! Faith holds great power over the human psyche culture and society creates these beliefs where one worships the God and fears the Evil. I think JEWEL’s dreams are demonic and possibly violent in nature. I can’t tell why she doesn’t remember these dreams but I’m sure she is afraid inside. All I can say is strengthening her faith is important it could even help JEWEL overcome these nightmarish episodes. Hello. SAM, she’s asleep. You can come over. Okay. Get the Crucifix! Okay. JEWEL are you okay? Is coming to an end. A new world is being built where time flows backwards. is coming to take your life is coming to take your life is coming to take your life Sir, Something’s not right about this. These are the exact words of my patient CHARLIE. He’s delusional repeating these same lines. It confuses me as to how is it even possible? I can’t I can’t tell anymore. Yes. This is more serious than I thought. Two months ago there was this patient of mine. SAMEERA! She’s been missing since a month and the police have no clue about it. When I saw JEWEL’s video I could feel these are somehow connected and I had to see her as soon as possible and yes, CHARLIE CHARLIE is SAMEERA’s fiance! He’s been like that, repeating those very same lines since she went missing. Did she bring home any object in the
last one week? May be a gift she got? Anything unusual? Gifts Yes.There was one from her fiance. Pocket watch kind of thing It had a problem though the second hand was moving backwards. We need to find it now! SAMEERA had this too A replica I would say. Shows time moving backwards something’s definitely wrong and we don’t have time to think Break it! Life isn’t fair enough Is it my queen? For thy beauty has to say Stories Forever. You were born to sparkle like a Jewel. Fine and fine by days like Wine. Past the realms of horizon there lies the Magic of the unseen. I want you to believe believe in, things that you cannot! I’ll break u free of the bondage of time. Swim the ocean of time with me. To the world of eternity. To be a moment that’s never ever memory. ISSAC sir! JEWEL she’s dead! TANNY! She was here just now. I checked her pulse! Why is time moving backwards? My dear In this world Time, stays still for you. Thy beauty shall never fade here. Never, Ever. Sir, We are here. How much should I pay you? Don’t worry about it. Okay. Okay.Thanks. Late? Just one week to go and we are engaged! What happened? JEWEL, I woke up just now. That too in a car with a signed agreement from a client JD! JACOB DANIEL! What’s strange about it’s that I don’t remember anything about meeting him. I don’t know. What’s that? I don’t know in fact. I had it with me when I woke up. It’s beautiful! Can I have it? Okay. World as we see now is coming to an end. A new world is being built where time flows backwards. Prince of the New world An empire of beautiful girls is coming for your life. Because you aren’t worthy for this new world of Beauty! DAVID Sir! It’s a similar missing case. LYSSA! LYSSA! LYSSA! Open the door.

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  1. Onnum parayanilla.. Kidukki bro..Camerawork & making pwolichu… Hats off to the entire team.. Expectations are really high for the next project now.. Waiting for next!!

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