Japanese MUST-TRY Snacks! Top recommends of visitors

Japanese MUST-TRY Snacks! Top recommends of visitors

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  1. I thought I wouldn't like to watch a vid about snacks, and only clicked the vid to support the channel but I was pleasantly surprised and amused by how big the world of Japanese snacks is

  2. I like "Yukimi Daifuku"(雪見だいふく)which is a mochi icecream, and you can get it every covenient store or supermarket in Japan.

  3. "Japanese snacks, it's just like a whole world of wonders and miracles."
    "Everything that has green tea in it, I will try. It's just ah, I- it's just ah, it's just ah! It's just a flavor! It's just so guud!"
    Quotes of the year

  4. インタビュアーさんの声がとてもはっきりしていて聞き取りやすいです!
    とても良いリスニングの練習になります^ ^

  5. OMG! Moonie Cathy Cat sounds like japan is like is sweet wonderland, good bye diet!just one question they must have tons Gluten-free so i would be able to bring back home for my Mum when i visit please let me know if you can anyone, It would be so really appreciated thank you!

  6. Hi! was wondering if it was gonna be possible to input both the japanese and english subtitles at the same time, most of my friends who are learning japanese, use the ask japanese as a platform to familiarise with the language in terms of intonation, grammar usage and slang, and like if there were japanese subtitles with the english ones i think it'll be amazing as we get to know more about japanese culture through these awesome vids and at the same time learn/practice some japanese! it would may also probably benefit japanese people who are learning english

  7. I could only eat melon pan when I caught a cold.
    So I told a lie that I was sick to my mother and got melon pan.
    Those were the days.

  8. インタビューしながら紫の森ビルに行ってみましょう

  9. We have a "premium melon pan" here in London that actually has bits of mashed melon inside 🤭

    + I tried chocolate chip melon pan in Japan for the first time and I loved it!♡

  10. A green tea company needs to hire you STAT for that type of promotion. I just want an iced green tea right now REALLY BAD!

  11. Pizza buns. Has no one tried the deliciousness that is pizza buns in (specifically!) 7/11? Just thinking about them makes me drool…

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