Japan 2014 – Tennessee Consortium for International Studies

Japan 2014 – Tennessee Consortium for International Studies

Japan is very different from any Western culture and also Japan symbolizes the blending of the new and the old. You can see a traditional
Japanese sumo wrestling house next to a high rise
building that is the most modern and the most
advanced in the world, and you have these two extremes and they tend to cohabit together. There is a harmony in all of this, and so, I would like for my students and
anybody in TnCIS to actually see that some things that we
don’t think about daily can actually be achieve if, one was to think a Japanese way. It
is just the unique perspective on how the world can function should these two rather
different worlds come together. When I first embarked on this endeavor
I was like, I can’t, you know go abroad, you know I can’t leave my job for 3-4 weeks at a
time. You know, you can do this, you need to fill out the paperwork, go through all the forms. It’s a life-changing event. This is a once in
a lifetime opportunity and not many people get to study abroad especially in Tokyo. I am from a little country part of Tennessee and I am used to all lights and tall building, it’s extraordinary. Even though you’re having a blast here
this is not a vacation, you have to take academics seriously and
study hard. You sould do research on traditions and cultural aspects. I was not
prepared I brought Converse instead of like New Balance, so my feet are hurting, my my legs are hurting, definitely do
something to prepare yourself for all the exercise you’re going to be getting here. When you’re studying abroad you have to understand that you are going by a tentative schedule. A
lot of the classes do excursions where they go outside or they go to parks. They go and do day trips, you’re not just in a classroom, so if it rains sometimes your schedule is gonna get mixed up. You have to be really flexible even if you really want
to go see something you have to understand that you’re still
gonna go me that particular park or that particular monument it’s just not
on the day that they said that your guest the it due to weather or other things, like a train might be
canceled, there may be a festival, where they have to close something down. So you really have to be flexible and just
understand that this it was a different country, it’s a different culture and just be happy that you’re in that
culture and experiencing something. I think if you travel around you meet new
people from around the world you experience something new, completely
different from your home country and I think it will result in like
personal growth. Asaksa is a traditional Tokyo city and there is, for example a Sanja festival, one of the biggest festivals
in Japan. There will be a lot of portable shrines. A lot of people carry them and also
there will be a lot of people wearing traditional uniforms and you cannot forget Senso-ji Asakusa temple. You also see traditional
souvenir street, the huge shrine and also Sumina river runs next to it as
well it’s beautiful. Before coming to Japan both me and my parents were pretty
anxious about the safety of the trip but with all the planning that I’ve seen
that’s gone into this and just the care that the professors
have for their students. They send us emails every day, give us contact numbers to be with. They don’t
let us go out alone unless they know where we’re going. Is just, it’s
a very safe environment. Everybody has a smartphone, wifi is on
all the time and so you can communicate with your peers here in the study abroad program as well as you can
get in touch with the family and friends and loved ones back in the States. We are at the Sony
headquarters in Tokyo Japan. And today, we took a tour around the showroom of Sony. It was a great experience. Got the opportunity to present my business plan that we put together about Amazon. Had a great time. Thank you Dr. Vaidas for putting this together. www.tncis.org

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