Jamaican Bud Business : Meet Medicanja

Jamaican Bud Business : Meet Medicanja

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  1. Correction: JA has the POTENTIAL to have the best bud in the world. They have the PERFECT environment for outdoor grow, but they have a LONG ways to go with the innovation that the Europeans and Americans have performed. There are THC-infused sodas, vaping and advanced oil extraction, and all with genetically altered seeds to provide the quickest, big-bud producing plants. Blue Dream is popular for that reason–a hybrid of sativa dominant and Indica strain. It's a big producer, and tests at higher levels in THC (20-22%). Also, there are different molecular profiles : THC, CBD, CBC, CBG CBCV, THCV, CBG, CBGV. Once Jamaicans realize their potential, the sky is the limit–and they will create the World's #1 cash crop. WAKE UP JAMAICA!

  2. Worlds most cultivated and potent cannabis! lol… Come on now Vice get with the Times! Straight outdoor BOOF out their!! It's like saying Mexico has the second best brick weed in the world! Omg you gotta be kidding me!

  3. So I read this news story today and there was a 12 year old kid robbing people and his brothers were giving him weed and they were trying to say smoking weed led to his robbing people. Only crime weed makes me do is smoke weed.

  4. Stop smoking marijuana if youre in the usa and want to stay healthy physically and mentally there is pesticides that turn you're brain into thinking rotten things. Trust me the marijuana industry was turned legal for a reason. Stoners nowadays wont ever get to see what it's like to smoke real weed. Some will but wethet you buy it off the street or club youre getting it from the same place with the same pesticides.

  5. I personally don't use, but I have been a substance abuse counselor for years and have come to the conclusion that the majority of drug problems are the result of laws and government prohabition.

  6. An then u got the UK still not giving it to people who medically need it and arresting them instead.. I hate being English our country sucks balls

  7. I was in Jamaica in 2000. People walking on the beach with moving boxes full of ganja right in front of police. We smoked spliffs right on the beach in front of police. Many locals selling it right in front of police.

    Learn to give them their cut and you’ll be just fine.

  8. i bought weed legally in the US for the first time last week, a cop was even sitting right outside the front door.. it still feels illegal from the years and years of trading it on the streets and being scared of getting caught with it

  9. It’s more than likely Americans keeping it illegal because at the end of the day they work to the US dollar.

  10. Let me tell you what God says about the subject of any substance that is used and consumed. To you all things are permitted but not all things are beniftail. If it's messing with you figure out better substance.

  11. Jamaica got left behind. No-one cares about Jamaican weed any more. Doesn't take much 2 grow better weed than an uneducated negro who happens to live in a sunny country 😂

  12. No saben secarla no saben curarla no saben donde se debe de almacenar y no la saben fumar se van pasando ese cacharro de boca en boca. El rasta no se lava mucho el pelo menos

  13. But they legalised alcohol 😕 which is 100x worse than ganja I don't smoke it but

  14. They should've been legal by now… 75% of America is Legal. Fire everywhere and it provides the economy with more money because it creates more jobs. Jamaica if your reading this "CATCH UP"

  15. I love herb so much all 3 times ive visited ive spent over 150 on bullshit and 250$ on my honeymoon that didnt even buzz me no B.S. and no B.S. Mexico has better herb…its all hype America are the pioneers these days if you smoke regularly and want to even get buzzed when you visit…your ass had better detox…just saying

  16. It’s crazy to me that governments can tell grown ass people what they can and can’t do with their money… What a fučkîng joke!!

  17. Its so late for them, I feel bad for the people there but with all the advances in the states from diy growers to the advances in strains, availability and abundance I dont see American Tourism doing anything but decreasing in Jamaica, especially in a few years when they lose the other demographic that makes up their tourism, retirees. That along with the crime and poverty I have heard my friends come home and speak about, they need need to figure out something.

  18. As a long term cannabis user (over 10 years consistent atleast 1 gram per day) i can agree that it kills productivity therefore governements will never like it as they need human-bots to do the work.
    Also it's not very good for you it certainly has negative effects, but as far as drugs go.. i think this is the one that should be legal and widely available as every human being has the need to poison himself sometimes in search of mind-expansion atleast at some point in their life and should have the freedom to participate in this without criminalisation.
    And the chances of an individual engaging in aggression whilst on cannabis is extremely low, especially compared to caffeine and alcohol which are also widely available.

  19. Was in Jamaica a couple of weeks ago. One of my favorite places for sure. I also smoked some weed while there and it was great. Highly recommend.

  20. Also I hate how they keep calling them "herbs"
    Marijuana is a flower.
    Also they seem pretty cocky calling their shaggy looking pickedtoo early weed "the best in the world"
    Be they wouldnt be able to hand the average dispensaries AAA let alone their AAAA.

  21. I hope its legalized by now..🇧🇸🇯🇲 why df do they want to keep it as an illegal drug when everyone's doing it🤔 and the country could really use the money smt. An they wonder why the murder rates are so high.. The mf law is the cause. .just want to keep the black man down smh! Shame On Yall .

    This goes for The Bahamas as well!!!! LEGALIZED IT!!!!

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