Iwi angered by sale of Carter Holt forest to foreign consortium

Iwi angered by sale of Carter Holt forest to foreign consortium

The Overseas Investment Commission
agreed to Carter Holt Harvey’s sale of 17,000ha of forest
in the Central North Island to a foreign consortium. Maori have just learnt of the sale, and are furious the government did
not make discuss this with them. The tribes should have
been informed of this and the opportunity given to
them to make this purchase. Another example of how easy our
lands were lost to foreign parties. This is the government’s position
on the connection of local iwi to their lands in the
Central North Island. We are very angry. Five years ago,
we went to the Maori Land Court to oppose what Graham Hart
and others were doing. But according to the
Finance Minister, it is very difficult
for foreign companies to sell their NZ assets. New laws were introduced at
the beginning of the year to achieve this end. Willy Te Aho says the problem
is that the new laws do not apply to assets that
have already been sold. The government continue
to ignore us even though these lands would
have remained in the hands of NZers. 10 countries around the world
benefit from the sale of Carter Holt Harvey, but the
bulk is divided as follows. The Overseas Investment
Commissions says it’s too late for Maori to stop
the deal from going through. Te Ururoa Flavell says there
is only one way forward and that is to change the law which the Maori Party leaders will
take to the Finance Minister. Jasmyn Pearson, Te Karere.

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