It’s Strictly Business – The Godfather (2/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

It’s Strictly Business – The Godfather (2/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

Now, we insist
it’s a public place, A bar, a restaurant, Someplace where there’s
people so I feel safe. They’re going to search me
when I first meet them, So I can’t have a weapon
on me then. But if clemenza
can figure a way To have a weapon planted
there for me… Then I’ll kill them both. Ha ha ha ha! Hey, what are you
going to do? Nice college boy,
huh? Didn’t want
to get mixed up
in the family business. Now you want to
shoot a police captain. You got to get up
close, like this. You blow their brains
all over your nice
ivy league suit. You’re taking this
very personal. Where does it say
you can’t kill a cop? Come on, mikey. Tom, wait a minute. I’m talking
about a crooked cop Who got mixed up
in the rackets And got what was
coming to him. That’s a terrific
story. We have newspaper people
on the payroll, Don’t we, tom? They might like
a story like that. They just might. It’s not personal,
sonny. It’s strictly business. It’s as cold as they come. Impossible to trace,
so don’t worry about prints. I put a special tape
on the trigger and the butt. Here, try it. What’s the matter,
the trigger too tight? Heh heh heh heh.Madonna!
My ears.

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  1. I always felt like Sonny was actually encouraging the idea. ( I’m the oldest out of my siblings and I always talked like that to encourage my younger brothers to stand up for themselves and others). “ What are you gonna do? Nice college boy, Eh? , Sort of like a psychological test to see if he had the resolve to do it. So mocking him in a playful manner was him actually loving the plan.

  2. One of the most poignant scenes of this masterpiece. The slow methodical zoom-in to a medium closeup of Michael Corleone sitting in the chair alone with the camera frame placing him dead center, as if this is the future, the power, the sole controller of all the families. Then abruptly interrupted by laughter and chuckling as if to say " but not yet"

  3. "nice college boy". Did these guys REALLY forget Michael, at this point, was a decorated war veteran who probably killed quite a few people? They severely underestimated Michael's ruthless potential early on.

  4. So many wonderful subtle moments in this scene. Notice that Tom says "C'mon Mikey…".

    I suspect that is the last time anyone calls him "Mikey" again.

  5. I met James Caan on the set of Vegas. He's a nice guy, but self-absorbed. I got along with him. He's a lot more conservative than most Hollywood types.

  6. Gotta love Sonny reaction in this scene. He just looks at Michael not sure how to react, but when the two capos start laughing, he takes their cue and starts goofing off.

  7. "What you gonna do? Nice College boy didn't want to get mixed up in the family business" "gotta get in close badaning blow their brains all over your nice Ivy league suit" Did Sonny forget that Michael was a Marine who fought in the European and Pacific theatres? He probably seen things Sonny would only see in his darkest nightmares, sure Sonny has probably killed a lot of people and saw some bad shit but nothing compared to the war

  8. Michael is so "[email protected]!" in this scene. He creates a plan to get back at Sollozzo and McCluskey. Ironically he talks about McCluskey being a "Dirty" Cop and as Frank Serpico he tries to be a moral cop even though so many on the force are dirty.

  9. The first time i ever watched The Godfather, i didn't really like it because i didn't get the plot very well unlike movies like Scarface and Carlito's Way which were a lot easier to understand and enjoy. But when i watched it for a second time and i paid more attention to everything and i really liked it, so much so that it became my favorite movie and it still is. I even bought the book and it's sequel "The Sicilian". I still kind of find it funny that something i didn't like at the first time, maybe even hated it, i grew to be so interested and fond of it. The movie tells you the importance of family, close friends and shows you that you never know what can happen to you in life, as Michael never wanted to be the Don, but the future had other things in store for him. In my eyes it is the greatest movie ever made. Every member of the cast played a character that would go on to become iconic and it gave the 70s a new generation of actors that were set to dominate Hollywood. This film set the foundation for future mafia movies, that were all inspired by this movie in one way or another. Even if someone prefers, let's say Goodfellas, Once Upon a Time in America or anything of the sorts, they need to know where these flicks got their roots from, and that would be no other than The Godfather.

  10. I always love how Michael took everything personal and always find a way to make it "It's just business" and it always fit right in.

  11. I watch this on VHS in 1981 as a little child with my family. Man, when he said "It's strictly business" that facial expression is still chilling in 2019……

  12. This is where movie's version was far superior than the book's. In the book michael preached everybody about good deeds his father did to everybody regardless their positions in society, here Michael just says, "it's not personal Sonny, it's strictly bussiness".

  13. Who believes it is strictly business for Michael in this moment? It is intensely personal. And that last closeup. Who would deny him that opportunity?

  14. I LOVE Sonny on this scene! 😍😍😍
    -The e way he says:
    " Tom, this is bussines and this man is taking it very very personal"
    -The way he kisses Michael
    -The way he says: " Badda Bing!'
    Love this character!!

  15. Hollywood of today cant even begin to immitate this genius, and better not even attempt a remake. Todays Hollywood has run out of ideas' and lives off re- makes, and Pg 13 kiddy fare horseshit. Same with todays music.

  16. Ok. Your business it's yours .
    You can do with your business whatever you like. It's yours.
    Well ……
    Whatever it's mine. I can do whatever I ME PERSONALITY ME like. It's strictly life

  17. Why should left something for YOUR BUSINESS? Why.
    (Have you starting praying?)

  18. I never understood this. The key here is the advance knowledge of the meeting place. Once this is known, why not have someone else enter the place and kill McClusky & Solenenzo. That way, Michael doesn't have to run off to Italy and have this very serious criminal offense hanging over him for the rest of his life.

  19. Pacino's portrayal of Micheal's transformation in this film is astonishing. He looks like a different person by the end of the film. He starts off as this wide eyed innocent college kid, and ends up as a dead eyed ruthless villain.

  20. Al Pacino is an overrated actor whose entire career is based on screaming a couple times a movie…too short, no charisma, no real presence, too short, unlikable as hell, not a leading man…sorry, he is VASTLY overrated

  21. "It's not personal Sonny, it's strictly business." By Sonny ignoring this is exactly how he got turned into Swiss Cheese at the Toll Gate!

  22. Tom took Michael more seriously. Everyone was laughing, but Tom was thinking about the serious ramifications of such a move. He started buying into Michaels idea and eventually supported it.

  23. This is the part in the book where Michael tells tom, "It was all personal…" And then the best part, "Accidents don't happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult.:"

  24. The scene where Mike decides to forget about The American Dream and rather join the criminal underworld. Point of no return from that place.

  25. Funny thing is that people have been quoting this line for years, but in the book he also goes on to say "Tom, don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business."

  26. I won’t say a word then … it’s strictly just buisness then ..!! That’s fine .,!!! I’ll be quiet … whoever u r .!
    I’ll do my art my way my thing ..!!!

  27. 109 dislikes… It must be from the Barzini family, Tartaglia family, Moe Greene, Solozzo, Hyman Roth , The headless horse , Don Altobello., Captain McCluskey, Rossato Brothers,Don Claricuzzio, Don Santadio, Archbishop Gilday, Don Ciccio, Johnny Ola, Tessio , Paulie , Senator Geary, Don Fanucci, and of course Joey Zasa… !!

  28. Felicia Byrd: I’m above the mafia oui set the time frame michcale michael McKinney Td bank Montgomery county Pennsylvania heltenham Cheltenham mall

  29. Of all the things in The Godfather trilogy that disturbed me the most was the line (stated many times) “it’s not personal it’s just business”. I do know if this thought process was first revealed in the Godfather. But if so it became a justification for murder in so many other movies since.

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