It’s odd Dems are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Lev Parnas: Nunes

It’s odd Dems are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Lev Parnas: Nunes

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  1. How many Senators allow the personal cell phone numbers to be published publicly? Federally issued cellphones numbers are never publicly listed.

  2. All this does is go back to the fact that it's the Democrats who have been conspiring with the ukrainians since before the 2016 July convention.

  3. Nunes is full of Crap,.. he knew what's going on,..

    Watch his body Language and how quickly his eyes are blinking,.. when lying his Blink Rate increases dramatically,..

  4. Somehow this is the only video about Parnas on the fox site. Not sure how they can keep the 'news' part of the title legally at this point. Fox Opinion, Fox Perspective, Fox State TV? Probably time for a re-brand.

  5. Nunes has been exposed yet again for the liar, scum bag, criminal, traitor and Trump tool that he is. I hope the voters in his District take appropriate action to replace him come the 2020 election!

  6. Me, a normal person: The sky is blue.

    The triggered American right: Wow! CNN much? THE LIBERAL BIAS! The sky is RED you filthy globalist!

  7. So what if the president knew or didn't he still comitted no crime! He infact admitted to wanting Hunter investigated and other things that liberals did to effect the election. So it's in my opinion wonderful that he is trying to drain that swamp! I wish he would of withheld the money and locked up Biden and Hunter ! I think we need to get tougher and really lock up and investigate bidens as well as Hilary and oboma they all need to be called as witness. The president has dirt on them all and should apply it with everything he's got using full Authority! I want the Democrat party totally wiped from the face of the Earth!

  8. Just found out that he met with Lev Parnas multiple times, in person. Another thing he conveniently did not remember?

    The lies just keep stacking up with this loser. It is a f*cking cover up. Wake up America.

  9. It not GOP it Thrump he can't keep his mouth shut for one minute they try to help him but he always steps on there toe they say one thing he will under mind them they try to help him and just run his mouth

  10. That argument of it happens to me & my family too in regards to the Ambassador to Ukraine having hitters put on her is very juvenile & weak dude! U couldn't think of something better than that?!?😂😂😂

  11. I guess Nunes won't be suing CNN after all Bwahahhaa, Russian stooges that sell out for Trump will eventually be exposed.

  12. OUR founding fathers are wondering if Americans today have the balls they did to take control of their own destiny. This is the moment they warned US about. Can WE keep OUR Great Republic? or do WE let it all go to OUR enemies being sold out by a corrupt political party, the Democrats?

  13. "The president knows what happened." Ok, so based on previous statements and their constant projection, it sounds like Obama better hire a good lawyer and fast because they've just admitted HE was hip deep in all of this. They always accuse Trump of what they're involved in.

  14. Lefties psychotic behavior the past 3 years are why only miserable lefties keep believing the Russian collusion lying democrats

  15. LMFAO…. Devin Nunes is total douchbag. Sure hope the whole truth and nothing but the truth comes out so this piece of sh*t gets what he has coming to him. Bunch of corrupt bastards!

  16. Now he "remembers" his phone calls with Parnas…what a crook. Who in their right mind would believe a word Nunes says if they're being honest with themselves??

  17. Martha MacCallum an "aging" Anti Trumper trying to stay relevant and dressing in tight clothes like shes 19 years old. Sorry Martha….your just another middle aged hack teleprompter reader and you just cant bring yourself to realize it !

  18. Republicants always deflect to Clintons.😒 Fox viewers probably fall for it every time.
    Reporter: You're a crook.
    Republicants: Yeah but the Clintons…

  19. I find it completely disrespectful to say "good to see you tonight, thank you for being here" while looking down the entire time while saying it.

  20. They put Paul Manafort in solitary confinment and this Parnas is walking without being put in solitary confinement ? Did Adam Schiff coordinate with this Parnas man

  21. Lev Parnas just spilled all the beans and Nunes is also implicated in the "Drug Deal"… That is the reason they do not want witnesses…

  22. It is just about NOW that the rats realize the Trumptanic is going down and someone already took the life boats (Bolton, Fox news…) – Barr is looking at some real time at ClubFed – after all the "lock her ups!" it will be those who chanted being the ones locked up

  23. The dems are a bunch of racist assholes. Whether you love or hate Trump there’s no denying what he’s doing is great for this country. Do ur dam research. Stop listening to CNN!!

  24. You think it was an accident they had a black woman hold the papers of their scam?? Lmao!!!!!!! It’s a way to try and get the black vote. Come on people smarten you pls!!! Do ur research.

  25. Going from Obama to Trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock.
    REMEMBER, Trump's first language is RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Put them ALL on the stand. People wake up. We always vote for the less evil. I could give 2 sh-ts about trump have the Bidens investigated. My god we Joe Biden himself on TV bragging about a quid quo pro. BRAGGING. Washington stinks. ALL OF IT. At least I know where the stink is tolerable. Obviously I'm from the midwest. I seriously doubt I will support the movie industry again. I have been a youtuber for years.

    I said this a couple years back… this is going to end bad. For ALL OF THEM. And I know this much too, Trump has never made my wallet and retirement never better. I'm sick of these pussies in office and giving OUR money away. Trump 2020.

  27. What's really odd devin is you having phone calls with Parnas while in Ukraine, and you chair the committee, when you're a material witness…

  28. As everyone knows, when everything you say is a lie, it's awfully hard to keep track of which lie you used last time.

  29. 😏😏😏😏
    All this would've of not happened if AG Barr would've start Arresting all individuals the Broken the Law…!!

  30. What a waste of Taxpayers money…!!
    Trump should fetch the military against the CRIMINAL Democrats who are trying to OVERTHROW the US government…!!

  31. ROFLMAO at you pathetic left wing trolls on here. Face the facts, impeachment is over. And no amount of tricks by the Dems can bring it back to life. Never will there be a2/3 vote to remove the President. And all this BS will just continue to sink the Dems in the next election. They will the Presidency, The House and the GOP will gain seats in the Senate. Bad play. I what the dude. Hes a just like and jailhouse snitch trying to cut a deal. Hes a liar.

  32. Martha, really? Creepy to follow Yovanavich? How about creepy to stalk Trump to effect a coup? Trump has every legal right to investigate an ambassador. His duty is to expose corruption. She was corrupt. There is a treaty with Ukraine to do just that. Ambassadors work at the pleasure of the President. Are you for USA or a Russian corrupt ambassador?

  33. That procession of dims on the way to the Senate show all the charisma and heroism of a centipede crawling across the floor.

  34. Excuse me ..i here looking for republicans who watch fox news spouting their brainwashing….where'd they go??????? hello ??? knock knock.. any republicans home???

  35. Hmm…hilliary kicked everyone's asr*s and punched them in the face…. deleted emails, bleach bit her closet server, smashed her cell phones/government assets with hammers…wrote a book…picking money up on the ground i.e. pay to play…. taunted all the processes from the sidelines…then behold… landed the grandest of ethics based Chancellor position in Queens University… handing out degrees…LOL! Democrats…yeah they protect their own… Have you seen enough? God Save America!

  36. CNN is an example of the press Stanley Baldwin wrote about "“The newspapers attacking me are not newspapers in the ordinary sense,” Baldwin said. “They are engines of propaganda for the constantly changing policies, desires, personal vices, personal likes and dislikes of the two men. What are their methods? Their methods are direct falsehoods, misrepresentation, half-truths, the alteration of the speaker's meaning by publishing a sentence apart from the context…What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

  37. NUNES: "Oh!!! Now i remember LEV PARNAS.. Yea!!! I mean i denied knowing him for months and even sued CNN for saying i knew him, but hey…how awesome is it to have a channel like Fox News where i can come on after lying and everyone is so nice and welcoming" @foxnews you are a total joke now. I feel bad for Chris wallace and Breit Baher who every day have to see this corruption at thier place of emloyment.

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