‘It’s not a game’: Federal workers seethe over shutdown

‘It’s not a game’: Federal workers seethe over shutdown

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  1. And regardless what anyone says, this is the Democrats fault. They just won't admit it. I don't want anyone in my nations government, that doesn't want to protect it. All citizens should feel that way. Keyword, CITIZENS. Others opinions does not matter. If they are here illegally.? They are already criminals. A wall is the best and cheapest way to help protect our border.

  2. This is sick, sick sick. Trump don't care, the ones that voted for trump, now you see the Todlier true color. Again this is sick.

  3. Gov. Employees get higher pay than private industry. If you cant save up money tuff. If you don’t like it get a real job in private industry if you can take the pay cut that is.

  4. People please please don't forget. This is a man who is accustomed for not paying . This is a man who did not pay bills. Did not pay his taxes. This is a man who even now pays his works not their rightly rates. This man is accustomed to not paying and he will continue with this as he and his family have no empathy the every day working people.

  5. “A true leader eats last”….

    All the mothers know this is true. Who gets the first plate in your household? Who eats last.

  6. They use black people as the weakest link… Hmmmm Blacks need to stop playing this bullshit role. Black bank accounts matters.

  7. Time to treat these “workers” THE SAME WAY THEY TREAT US!!!

    Cut them a “package” for time served and REPLACE THEM WITH H1Bs, H2Bs and Illegals for the low skill jobs.. like language translators.

    CLEARLY THERE ARE PEOPLE READY AND ABLE TO REPLACE PEOPLE FOR GOVERNMENT JOBS THEY NO LONGER NEED TO DO (at a fraction of the cost which is why our Government promotes H1Bs, H2B and looks the other way when Illegals take over jobs that companies can save millions of dollars on for the pittance they pay lobbyists to make sure politicians and government workers look the other way…

    Hey! When one of these “employees” comes in for work…

    Let them be greeted as I was… by an Indian H1B and be told “Well, yes, but George, understand (even though you moved from NJ to North Carolina to work month-to-month on contract) he HAS HIS FAMILY HERE, now to take care of…. you’re single, right?”

    Yeah, and I was making $55 a hour and this guy is willing to work for $35.

    GOVERNMENT “workers” should be treated the same way – and with the same lack regard – that they have treated US!

  8. These folks need to direct their concerns to the DEMs. They are the ones that is wanting every thing to go their way and they can't have it. There is a bigger picture that none of these workers see and at the same time they could be apart of the game plan for the democratic party. Their focus is to keep people under their wings so that they can always be elected into power. Eventually the next thing that they will seek to introduce is all out socialism and then into the dictatorship of communism. Why do you think that under the past administrations there have been underground cities? Wake up guys and don't be mislead my the DEMs that make it look like they are all for the people, its a lie. Why do you think so many blacks are leaving the Democratic party and other faithful whites and Hispanics? When a party is willing to put illegals above citizens that is time to open your eyes to their intention. Its part of the reason why they don't want walls because if they do and there is a control on immigration they would not have the majority of votes to put them or keep them in power. Its time to get rid of those workers that does not support the administration but rather works in opposition. This is the time to fire them all, let them go out and look for a job in the private sector. There is enough work available.

  9. This man don't g af about nobody who ain't rich and white..we gotta get control wtf we letn him play with our llives like this..we the people!!! Lets stop having non-productive meetings and move forward with actions!##

  10. How to make America better in four steps.
    1. Open the government
    2. Impeach Donald j trump now.
    3. Force Donald j trump to apologize for being the worst president in history and having a tantrum like a two-year-old but worse.
    4. Put trump his family and staff in prison for making America look like a joke. Just my opinion America

  11. Why take a job that you could even risk having to work without being paid? Federal workers knew the risk but didn't plan for it. This has shown that the true crisis is that Americans can't make it one month without pay.

  12. Washington Post owned by a slave driver named Jeff Bezos the federal workers make great money idiots should have saved money up but it's a problem because Trump has been attacking Jeff monoply.

  13. You people are saying its the President what about the democrats you worshipped their the one's thats partying while you talk smack about the President!!!!

  14. Apply for Unemployment Like we had to during the 8 years of Obama spending 8 trillion bucks with nothing Fixed in his state California or any other libtard state y'all Played Yourselves

  15. I think your missing the point, Federal, state, City workers don't matter. Workers are employees servants to the rich .Here is a man known to not pay, your not the first ,Ask the independent contractors he's dealt with in the past.He expects to save billions by shutting down the Government and not paying workers, social programs. They have already given it thought and followed threw .Either your Mega rich or poor…. Their cutting deals in the dead of night. They expect you to start begging because you depend on the Governance and support…. Any law he can veto expect to renegotiate…… they've hit the reset button this is the new America

  16. You might want to go ahead and find another job. Your job is non essential and after 35 days you'll be getting a letter with your sixty day notice that you're FIRED. Your job has been eliminated permanently. Gotta love it when the swamp drains itself thanks to Nancy & Chuck

  17. What Leader calls himself a President, look that up. Cuts off his own workers, working for the Government and not pay’s them?? Are We Now in a 3rd World Country? And their suppose to suffer in silence over a Wall he said “Mexico was going to build” Repent !

  18. Orange devil trump has no shame, he proud to hurt America people, but he does mind sucking the Russian president Putin dick on world stage!!!

  19. The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t feel good either. Federal employers treated the common people like crap when you entered the building. Oh well.

  20. They playing a game it went beyond the government shutdown it wsnt to another level it's a back and forth thing now meanwhile there no paychecks coming into the home of all these people who the hell works without a godam paycheck

  21. I just want to say this if you think democrats are whats wrong with the country for not approving the wall or Republicans are at fault then you are wrong period. We need to stop all this arguing over which party is right because that is childish and just plain stupid and yea some type of border wall should be built but not at this cost and the fact that it caused a gov. Shutdown shows how immature the ones at the top are no disrespect to the president but right now this is about pride not about the future of the country cause if it was about our countries future then this shutdown would not last as long as it is

  22. The Orange SOB don't give a damn about y'all, hate to say. But Truth does hurt. It IS a game with him. You and every other employee are nothing but bargaining chips being held hostage for his f*cked up "wall" . It's Bully tactics all the way. Many people will die ( can't afford medicine, food) from this shutdown because they don't have a job anymore, but hey, maybe that's what the SOB is hoping for. I sure wouldn't put it past him. 😑

  23. Remember, these people make thousands of dollars per month. Going a few months without pay shouldn't be a burden. They will eventually get all their back pay too. They need to stop whining.

  24. Thank God for Donald Trump…that sista complaining about food look like she needs to lose a few pounds, anyway!!!!!

  25. In my opinion no man nor woman nor race should work for free my suggestion is everybody walk out don’t go to work look for another job and I guarantee you if nobody is there to work he will open back up the government but he will never do that if he sees that our American people are willing to work for free stand your ground fight the good fightProtest don’t go to work leave the place empty that’ll teach him a lesson you’re not getting anything out of it anyway there’s no such thing as volunteering when you’re young and have bills to pay take care your family walk away because at the end results that big check will never go to you

  26. He will feel so empathetic that he will think of these good people while he has his two Big Macs,two Filet o Fish and his 6 bottles of diet Coke that he asks his staff to open for him in advance bcuz his lazy was can't do it himself. All the while asking government workers to be strong and he knows most of you support his shutdown.

  27. Well Well Well Just heard from my friend, Every Republican voted to pay federal workers. All But 6 Democrat's Voted Not To Pay Federal Workers. Now, who's Fault is it Federal workers didn't receive a paycheck. Talk About Hypocrites

  28. You know what that’s what they get the Caucasians have some of the black they voted for Trump and look he didn’t give a damn about nobody but himself he said whatever you need to say to get in the chair and now he screwed over the American people and I guarantee you next year they’re going to be stupid fools who vote for him again for his last run for president

  29. I'm thinking (1-23-19) that the gov't will re-open Friday (1-25-19). If not, Trump's gotta know he won't get re-elected in 2020. If THAT doesn't matter, 95% of Americans are about to plunge into the greatest Depression…ever.

  30. God bless you I hope you get meditation lots of meditation and very little medication your hair looks God bless you

  31. The Lord your Almighty that I know you believe and will make the desert bloom just for you bless everyone all your needs are met in the mighty name of your loving Yahweh

  32. It’s all part of a plan
    Trump will fired a lot people
    A lot of people
    After 30 days he has this right
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂 by the way why black pepes be interviewed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧐🧐guess???

  33. Forget about shut down, simply claim your payment. Do not suit the government, personally suit Trump.

    He is already talking of no back payment. It sounds like stealing to me. The money you earn from working belongs to you. He is stealing your money to pay for his wall.

    That is a plain injustice.

  34. Open borders/cheap labor pensioned fed workers are finally getting a taste of the reduced income their sanctuary attitudes caused the American working class for 40 years. What you sow, so shall you reap. How does the INDIFFERENCE of your fellow Americans FEEL???

  35. What makes these people and their jobs any different than workers in the oil field that have suffered, businesses that have laid people off or shut down. They are no different than any other American that has been through hard times. This is about immigration.

  36. You're all right you're all people in all people matters Trump is a racist and he's foolishness and so what about Republican Democrats or if a person's Democrat their freaking human being and they have to make a living

  37. Trump did this with his own businesses and everyone knew it.   Why would the American people think he was going to treat them any differently?  Everyone knew he was a manchild before he was elected.   His tantrums are only at a much larger scale.

  38. You mean government employees will stop getting paid for contributing nothing to society or the economy, except increasing the public debt?? About time!

  39. welcome to the everyday world of senior citizens pensioners people on fixed income people with disability there are millions whom day-to-day life is trying to figure out where they can get their next meal. we are not talking about the luxury of cough syrup. My point is the people I'm mentioning are simply cast aside and most don't have resources or a voice or the strength even to fight back. Thrown out of the boat to fend for themselves. I just wish someone would talk for them. That's all

  40. Government workers are slackers. Many of them are lazy and they know it is hard to get fired from the government some of them even steal tax payer money.

  41. With Obama President for 8 years, the federal workers should have had thousands in their bank account. I stash $1100.00 into savings each month.

  42. Seems that government shutdown for employees is extra paid vacation.
    They get back pay for not working. Many are starving and going to food
    banks and handout shelters after only one week of missing a paycheck.
    Seems that we have stupid people that don't know how to manage their
    money in government jobs.

  43. Once again I hold no sympathy for any of em as these are the people who help shut down logging mining and farming how does got feel now that the tables are turned????

  44. Most of those people speaking appear to be in their 40s or older. How can they be so naive. "We're not pawns. We're people." Politicians are not beholden to them but to corporate intrerest that run this country behind the scenes.

  45. Trump didn't care about the bad impact that would fall on the american people by shutting down the government he claims that he care about people but he really don't

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