iTranslate PRO & iTranslate Voice on the Business News Network (BNN)

iTranslate PRO & iTranslate Voice on the Business News Network (BNN)

It is so much easier now to travel in a
country, where English is not spoken. And if you don’t speak that domestic
language, it’s so much easier, because of technology and apps. What have you got
for us today? Yeah, that’s right. One of my favourite apps is called iTranslate and,
as the name suggests, it can translate languages up to 100 languages.
You type in a phrase, a sentence or a word and it’ll immediately translate it
into the native tongue that you prefer. You use a drop-down menu, so you choose
Mandarin or Spanish or German or what-have-you. And then, that is free.
That’s called iTranslate and does work for iOS and Android. Then there’s a
version called iTranslate Voice, which is seven dollars and it allows you to speak
into your phone and it speaks aloud the translation. So I can give you a little
taste of that so I’ve got an iPhone here. So for example, I’ve got from
English to Spanish. Maybe you’re entertaining an international
client or, let’s say, you’re in Spain. I can simply say this: “Can you please take
me to the hotel” and then immediately you’ll hear this. So it’ll translate it into the native tongue so you can hold that up to the taxi driver or uber
driver or to somebody at the hotel and ask and it’s almost in real-time. You
do of course need an internet connection to process that translation. But with, you
know, dozens of languages supported there and over a hundred by typing in, it’s
a great little tool that could really help a business travel around the go.

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  1. I just subscribed for services for my iphone from iTranslate. A few days ago I received an e-mail from a person who says that he is a representative of iTranslate:
    Richard Gamble
    [email protected]
    Please let me know if this is legitimate: Speak and Translate PRO (BP Mobile, LLC.) Support

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