IT899 Online Learning Consortium Self Paced Classes Spring 2017

Professional development is always a tricky
proposition. �There are often barriers- such as time, limited travel funds in our
ever tightening budgets, and scheduling nightmares. �Even when the money can be found, it often
nearly impossible to get everyone in the same room at the same time. �While in that room,
you�ll find distracted educators trying to keep up with email on their phones while
half listening to the presenter. ��Even online options can be difficult- many options
are synchronous, meaning that everybody still has to be in the same place at the same time.
�One instructor having computer issues can throw off an entire planned class. A survey done by the Online Learning Consortium
found that 60% of educators preferred to learn in self-paced online courses.
With the Online Learning Consortium self-paced offerings, you can make professional development
easy and convenient for your instructors and staff.
Each learner can learn at their own pace at a time and place that is convenient for them.
�No more attempting to find a time that works for everyone, no travel costs, and no
distracted instructors attempting to keep up with their day while sitting in a lunch
hour class. �In self-paced courses, the learner can take as long or as short of time
as they need in each module, so the people who are new to the concept do not need to
slow down the instructors who are just refreshing their skills. �
Everybody wins in the Online Learning Consortium’s� self-paced offerings.
Here�s a sneak peek at one of the upcoming classes on writing high quality learning objectives
that work! This is what a self-paced workshop looks like
in the OLC. ��It is set up into modules. �Each module must be successfully completed
before the next module can be accessed. ��Successful completion� means that the learner can pass
a quiz with at least an 80%. The prezi must be viewed carefully, and can
be viewed as many times as the learner needs. �There are videos embedded in the prezi
that outline some of the concepts in more detail. The OLC workshops are all ADA compliant. �You
will note that there is a transcript for the Prezi�s voiceover and for the videos embedded
within the Prezi. There are a number of types of questions on the quizzes,
including true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, drag and drop, and picking
multiple answers. �Many of the questions are scenario based, which help the learner
relate the content to what they will be doing in their professional life. �While there
are many types of questions, they are all automatically graded, which means that there
is no need to wait for a facilitator to grade the work. It�s quick and easy.
Each question has feedback, whether or not the correct answer was selected. �There
are hints and information on incorrect answers, and reinforcement on correctly selected ones.
�While the answer is not given on incorrect selections, there is guidance on how to seek
the correct answer to help the instructor make a good choice. �
Join me at Visser Hall on May 12 to hear about these fantastic classes in more detail. �I
hope to see you there!

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