Is the R3 CEV big bank centralized blockchain consortium a backdoor to financial collusion?

hi there this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt Meister disrupting the financial world because talk about
R2 CEV it’s a consortium 42 different financial institutions and
you know we’ve got City Bank here Bank of America and their combined
market capital of six hundred billion anyway let’s reach you back soon maybe
more I now and the use the block Sheena Horne that’s a big thing and I might be
using your name to something like that I’m not sure the specifics of what I’m
getting at here is how about the block she the cool things do we don’t need to
use Bitcoin he’s just for these forty QB banks to Kullu handle that kind of
behavior monopolistic type of way in terms of finances just a way to the back
door collude enrich themselves and we could see more technologically advanced
than 100 Smith threw that out there that is all 37 consortium might just be back
door to being back collusion masking by Balaji Bitcoin Meister

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