IS GLOBAL WARMING A SCAM? – David Icke | London Real

IS GLOBAL WARMING A SCAM? – David Icke | London Real

Can I ask you about climate change, yeah and your read on that Big debate right now global warming human-made. How do you see what’s actually happening here? scam I’ve mentioned earlier an organization called the Club of Rome Club of Rome was started in 1968 and it’s part of a network of organizations in Towards the end of the 19th century early 20th century secret society was created in Britain called the round table The first head of it was Cecil Rhodes who was a Rothschild agent. That’s why he went into southern Africa and pillage the the gold and diamond Resources and destroyed that that society on behalf of the Rothschilds and he was the head of the round table then went when he died another guy called Alfred Milner took over another Rothschild agent and They started this secret society started spawning satellite organizations first one they created was The Royal Institute of International Affairs in London also known as Chatham House think tanks. This is what they all watched the think tanks big time And then they created something in America, which was a an American version of that called the Council on Foreign Relations Council on Foreign Relations as to a very large extent driven American foreign policy ever since to this day then came the Bilderberg Group in 1954 Formed at the Bilderberg Hotel in it was to be Holland then in 1968 came the Club of Rome and then came the trilateral commission in 72 73. Now the Club of Rome was created specifically to use the environment as an excuse to transform society and I’ve been writing about this for a long time and basically You say to save the planet this has to happen and to save the planet. It’s a planet. It’s a globe therefore we have to have global centralization of power to center it to to control or to save the planet as the Club of Rome has been one of the big drivers of human-caused climate change or the illusion of it and then Came a United Nations Agenda called agenda Agenda 21 and That laid out a Strategy for Transforming society To meet the challenge of climate change It was everything that they wanted and then later more recently. They’ve Advanced that and they call it now agenda 2030 Which is a an updated version of the same thing and when you read agenda 2030 it is a Tyrannies Dream Because it dictates every area of human life including education to save the planet and this is problem reaction solution as I call it and this has been Worked towards for a long time So you create the illusion of the problem and then you offer the solutions to the problem to the problem Which is centralization of power centralized control now bringing it up to date One of the most classic Soros progressives around today is a lady in America a Congresswoman. She’s recently elected called Alexandria Acacio Cortez Whose classic? nothing to do with facts just this is how it is and She’s just come out now and it’s got a lot of coverage in America Lord of support in the Democratic Party Called the green new deal Because she says I would say bizarrely and scientists would also say bizarrely too That we have 12 years to save the planet We had a few years to change that save the planet some years back and it long passed and we still here And what her green New Deal demands? Is exactly what I’ve been writing for years is the plan to transform human society into a centralized dictatorship on The justification of we have to do this to save the planet And we don’t need to save the planet Humans aren’t causing an aggressive form of global warming. Oh the 30 the planet that the planet Doesn’t need saving I mean, it’s it’s natural balance Mechanisms will kick us off before it needs any help but are we gonna harm ourselves more in the meantime? No, I’ve just been reading See, it’s also it’s a psychological game So you have a major weather event in the 1950s and it’s a major weather event. Oh, yeah Yeah, well that was a bit. Yeah a bit, you know extreme when it You ever won now global warming its climate change and I’ve just been reading a very very interesting book by an American meteorologist called Joe Bastardi Who is Since he was a little kid he was obsessed with the weather he just loves weather and weather forecasting and he’s just a really kind of obsessed with it and he was observing all this and Being obsessed with the weather. He’s looked at charts going back forever, you know And he’s looking at all these claims about this is global warming. This is climate change. Oh nice going. Well, hold on a minute dad apt in the 1950s that happened in the 1920s and What what he does in this book is he shows the repeating cycles that cause the outcome? so in the 1920s or earlier there is a cycle where the Atlantic cools and the Pacific warms There’s another cycle where the Pacific calls and the Atlantic warms and that has a knock-on effect that eventually reaches a weather outcome Now he was pointing out in this book that when this sequence happens today the outcome is that’s climate change we’re all gonna die and then he goes back in his book and he shows that in the 1950s the 1940s this same cycle happened and the outcome that he’s now blamed on climate change Happened. I mean, you know The the planet today is nothing like as warm as it was in what they call the Medieval Warm Period When there was no Carbon dioxide emissions from technology. I mean, I mean, I mean, you know, what caused it then turbocharged handcarts. I mean, it’s crazy And and the other thing is that we went from this Really warm period the Medieval Warm Period about a thousand years ago and then we came down into what they call the Little Ice Age Which is which is still portrayed today on some Christmas cards with people skating on the Thames where temperatures can became very very cold and There’s a correlation between the two which I’ll come to in a second and then we started coming out of the Little Ice Age into into the Present day and a lot of you know, they say this is the warmest nations since records began a lot of those records began what we’re still coming out of the Little Ice Age so the comparison between then and now is is completely unsupportable and Have you noticed that Whenever they’re talking about the climate and climate change and global warming They never mentioned the bloody Sun And I mention it. It’s all carbon dioxide, but by by the way without carbon dioxide We’d all be dead it’s what it’s what gives life to the planet and Another by the way Ninety-eight percent or there abouts of greenhouse gases we’re supposed to hold there eat heating or do older heating is water vapor and clouds And when you see the graph, there’s water vapor and clouds. He carbon dioxide and the vast majority of this carbon Dioxide is naturally generated not human generated and it’s about methane and all the ones they animals Yeah, but they’re tiny. Tiny tires a big effect Dairy Dairy. They’re even they’re even less I mean we do gonna kill all the animals what we going to do legislate against condensation when 98% of it’s caused by Water vapor. It’s ridiculous. It’s another scam cuz it was intense. Yeah to create control but liked it Like I was just gonna say they never talked about the Sun now It’s well known that Solar activity These great emissions of power which we experience as heat coming from the Sun You can see When the Sun is in an up? Period of if you like power by the number of sunspots? Because these sunspots are massive projections from the Sun that there are bigger than the earth well bigger than the earth and they travel through on the solar wind and we get them as as heat and So when the Sun is very unactive there’s very few sunspots sometimes, you know virtually none and These would have been Looked at in their cycles through this period that I’m talking about and When we reached the minimum the bottom of the Little Ice Age when it was at its coldest It’s known in climate science as the maunder minimum And it’s named after a guy called maunder and his wife was there as well? Who were charting sunspot activity and its relationship to? Earth temperature and they picked up a correlation and one of the correlations was that when there was virtually no sunspot activity we reached them that the the coldest point of The the maunder minimum the Little Ice Age as they call it and then sunspot activity started again And we started to climb out of this this little ice age into into present day so when you discount basically the impact of the Sun on Temperature your climate models are irrelevant Irrelevant because the the basic foundation factor of what dictates the temperature of the planet the flippin Sun Is not taken into account on anything like What it should be to get an accurate Projection of what’s going to happen then you you you look at this from the point of view of prediction against experience According to Al Gore well before now they should be basically no ice in the summer at the at the North Pole funnily enough there is and And this should have happened and that should have happened. And another thing that Joe Bastardi points out in his kind of Lifelong love of of weather is that We’re told that all these extreme weather events now are increasing because of climate change He’s saying they’re not they’re not increasing There were there were more tornados and hurricanes way back than there are now and that there were More extreme weather events than we have now but if because it’s a psychological game if you keep saying every time I notice what they’ve done now in Britain Which they’ve never done before started naming storms? Like they named hurricanes They’ve stuck which are kind of not very often So you just name a few there must be running out of names because every time there’s a storm that you would call it’s a bit more than You know, it’s gonna be a bit rough. They give it a name, right? So it’s another psychological. It’s more scary, right? So we need to ignore it and well What we need to do is to research ourselves Beyond the official narrative and if we do we’ll find an amazing thing that there are a Lot of scientist increasing all the time, by the way Who are saying actually? it’s not happening is it it’s not real is it there’s many many scientists now that were on The bandwagon. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s happening. We’re now saying well actually Actually, I’m reassessing it. I don’t think it is now. I don’t think this is real and All that is available if you search for it, but when you’ve got a situation where the BBC That’s supposed to be this neutral organization. Well, yeah, you know, it’s the way I tell them that Actually made a decision that the science is settled therefore We’re not having people on that are saying otherwise Then what you’re doing again Back to the same theme you’re skewing the debate Because all people are hearing is climate change is real if they don’t go searching elsewhere climate change is real. We’re all gonna die you are disgustingly mercilessly Frightening young children of the devastation and the horror that they’re going to face For a political agenda. That’s what’s happening. So you and the school. I mean my son Jamie Because he he thinks for himself When he was at school and He had an exam and part of the part of the exam was climate change He was obviously gonna put that actually there are there’s evidence to say that it’s actually not happening And his teacher said well, I have sympathy with that But if you say that you won’t pass right, so again, wherever you look Where there’s an agenda you can’t win you Don’t have the agenda your all you don’t have the debate. So what you have now is anyone that is questioning the official narrative of So-called global warming climate change and it became climate change, by the way when the temperatures leveled out make call it global warming anymore There now climate deniers which is obviously Psychologically linking to Holocaust deniers, etc, etc and and So if you only hear one thing That’s overwhelmingly gonna be the perception you have and and if you say to people well Why do you believe that? Climate change caused by humans is real. They’ll say well well everybody knows that Well, they everybody knows that because that’s all everyone’s had ever heard when you go and do the research You find actually it’s um, it’s a house of cards It’s just based on repetition You know go and go and research the 97% of scientists believe that global warming is caused by humans Go and research that and you’ll find if you you follow it back. It’s based on wind It’s based on no substance whatsoever. It’s a complete hoax but it’s a great line all 97% of scientists agree that it’s caused by by humans or well, it’s 97 percent of scientists agree. It must be true You chart that number back and see where it came from. Even the Wall Street Journal trash. They’re okay, but it’s still parotid all the time as justification for Transforming human society destroying beautiful landscapes with with wind farms that are incredibly inefficient and so on You

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  1. We in California are paying and taking it in the ass!!! It will never stop! The planet will never get better, becouse they dont want it to! There so much money to be made!

  2. okay, this should be shown to every global warming denier. If David Icke promotes something that you agree with….it's probably time to re-think things.

  3. Peace in cleansed purity.
    May we be in oneness to courage our mortal allness.
    May we all come together .
    May we work to be a person. person






  4. I have seen enough of his ideas and statements over many years and according to Icke, everything is B.S. Everything is a conspiracy. Everyone is wrong. Keep in mind he's an expert of nothing. He is only right, and he's smarter than experts and his information and ideas are only correct. That means, he an idiot! hahahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Not sure why this was suggested to me but dropped by to say fuck you and every idiot that denies man made climate change.

  6. Global warming is happening and it's not America's fault it's countries like Japan China South Korea India Bangladesh and other countries that don't even have catalytic converters on their exhaust or use cleaner fuels that don't have a lot of letting them look at Russia I'll gasoline has led in Russia has a stupid are they let in the atmosphere is a horrible pollutant and effects of central nervous system especially the younger part of the population when they're in their growing years but you don't get what's happening cuz your heads buried in the sand I'm a Republican and I did not vote for Hillary because her clean-energy agenda didn't make any sense she was going to use hydrogen fuel cells have a bigger carbon footprint in gasoline engines we must switch to Alternative biofuels and stop burning million-year-old sequestered carbon known as oil and coal even Natural Gas you stupid to think these are good alternatives use corn oil to para diesels and use the sugars from such thing as corn it's called high fructose corn syrup and sugar cane sugar beets convert potatoes from starch into sugar cuz we have so much food we have to throw away every year it's smarter to make it into fuel because no matter whether you let that food rot or use it as a biofuel it's going to produce carbon dioxide it's going to produce carbon dioxide it's going to produce nitrous oxide so maybe you understand a little bit of what I'm saying then get your ass out of the sand and put your head back on your shoulders God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter but if you're going to continue to pollute mirer you need to die

  7. If its a globe why do they all use the UN map logo of a flat earth plane? Never made sense to me from the day I first saw that UN logo as a kid in the early 80s.

  8. This is where Ike and I say good bye.
    "The planet does not need saving" because Ike will move to Mars. Global warming or not plastic mountains in the ocean, cutting down rainforest to extinction for McDonalds burgers, burning fossil fuel to go to the gym can't be rational. London real just let him talk… Badly prepared its questions. Ike just lost my respect in 3 minutes. Only an Idiot listens to a scientist called bastardi. What is next Ike? The earth is flat.

  9. If there's such Global Warming/Climate Change, WHY is My electric & natural gas heating bills so high in the fall&winter months that gets higher every year??? They should be cheap to pay.

  10. This guy is a real idiot. A total fool. He's just another conspiracist theorist. He should take a few science courses because his so-called theory is full of crap.

  11. See Gregg Braden on Gaia TV, he says the same, his view is based on work done by climate scientists, ice core samples Artic/Antartica show it's a natural cycle that has gone on for 100s of 1000s of years. Corporate and the <1% Elites greed and goal of world domination is driving this agenda. Tesla said "All peoples everywhere should have free energy sources. Electric power is present everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the worlds machinery without the need for coal, gas, oil." They won't switch to clean energy until they've squeezed every bit of profit out of the Earths natural sources. Great documentary on Gaia about Tesla and how Henry Ford undermined his work.

  12. David Icke, a bit like the Daily Mail, provides a very valuable service – when you disagree with them you can be confident you are on the right side of the conversation

  13. Once I found out u can trade carbon futures on the stock market I knew it was beullshet…LOL.. Once u do URE OWN research u see all truth. Absence of evidence is Not evidence of absence as they say.

  14. Climate change is about the Smart Grid.
    America's Power Grid is not "Smart" to upgrade means Trillions of Dollars! But there's no reason to Upgrade if we use Fossil Fuels.
    Also every one could put in their own Windmills and Solar Panels! But then both the Utilities and Government lose!

  15. er -I'm just going out to Barbecue my diner & turn up my Patio Heater & then I'm going Clay Pigeon Shooting. er – then I'm going on that cruise Liner that tips all the RUBBISH out into the sea at 4 in the morning , er where do we really start . . . . . when I walked t o school so many years ago – that Yehovah man used to hijack me & tell me how the Fires & Floods would come again – I used to reply "well You'd better go & start building Your Ark hadn't You"

  16. There was a scene in the recess cartoon movie. (Sounds silly I know) but they were moving the moon to try and make it cold all the time getting rid of summer vacation. What I think is that they are trying to do exactly that just the opposite way around. Trying to make it hotter all year round instead hense making it warmer as a result.

  17. 8:42

    Obviously showing off his claws. This man is No man. Heโ€™s reptilian.

  18. Solar minimums and maximums cause climate change. If the sun burps we'll feel it. Climate change is a human control mechanism. George Carlin tells it best.

  19. ENERGY is inexpensive but these companies are jacking up prices and govt jacking taxes. They mine us like a resource. They make laws that force us to pay More. They use Fear to extract $$ from us and sell the ":Big Lie". A lie told enough times becomes the truth to most.

  20. Turning "climare change" into a "religion" . Ridicule anyone who does not believe. It's Only a "belief" not a fact.

  21. @Brian Rose seriously? You have given platforms to so many important scientists. By all means get nutters on, they are interesting to watch but dont ask them important scientific questions. Id expect that from the BBC but not you. BBC insists on giving equal coverage to climate deniers as they do actual scientists in the interest of appearing "unbias", total nonsense. dont make the same mistake. 0.03% of your scientific content to anthropogenic climate deniers max

  22. this is fake news paid for by oil industry Bannon &co = propaganda ! use your brain read a book stop believing lies because it makes you feel better

  23. I totally believe David and Im open minded person.. but I have a couple of questions: Why icebergs melt so much these days? why people cant find much snow in Alaska or even other countries that used to have loads of snow? And also, why so many lakes and forests have been destroyed and there is nothing there anymore?

    (of course im not talking about pollution, plastics in the oceans etc cause of course this is a different thing).

  24. All of these 'facts' that are given……are they true? Just for the sake of transparency it would be good to see the basis of the claims made.
    I'm NOT saying that the claims made are wrong, I'd just like evidence given to back up claims made.

  25. Do you guys think he also disputes this well known composition of the sun: by mass, it is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and 0.5% all other elements? I have to conclude from this data that the sun is not all CO2 as he so confidently and eloquently stated(8:20-22). The sad thing is everyone lies for their own agenda, that is the real problem.

  26. The earth is soon to be destroyed by its creator, GOD! People would never be left in the dark if they just pick up the Bible and study Daniel and Revelations and Ellen G. White! Earths whether is out of whack because of sin and itโ€™ll only get worst!

  27. You tuber Tony Heller presents scientific data to debunk the global warming hoax. Cold hard facts, no bs. Well worth watching to get the real story.

  28. Forget about Global Warming it's really called ๐™๐™๐™š ๐™‚๐™ง๐™š๐™–๐™ฉ ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™™ ๐˜ฟ๐™ง๐™š๐™–๐™™๐™›๐™ช๐™ก ๐˜ฟ๐™–๐™ฎ ๐™ค๐™› ๐™ฉ๐™๐™š ๐™‡๐™ค๐™ง๐™™. Great for some and dreadful for others. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord

  29. I love David Icke. I think he's hilarious. As long as people understand he's an entertainer an otherwise a blithering idiot they can't go wrong.

  30. The problem with David Icke is he's NOT a climate scientist, and he is a "professional conspiracy theorist". Lol. Who the hell are you going to gamble on? This guy, trying to sell books but will be dead within 20 years? Or scientists who will also be dead in 20-30 years, but are trying to just honestly warn everyone? Fuck Icke. See, saving the planet from over carbonization is that regular people trying to save Earth doesn't fit into his giant Lizard people theory, by which he's using as his vehicle to continued money making!!? What a total dick head.

  31. Why is he not talking about the absolute reality of the chem trail phenomenon. It's a bloody fact. And it's clearly been quietly admitted to by US Gov. (Search for the documents online)
    Weather control and carbon mitigation programs have been employed for over 10 years. There's also an interesting side affect to the choice of some of the chemicals they have been spraying, which is known as drug / chemical induced mind altering.

  32. I told people that everything negative in this world, is centered around Roman Catholic Church.
    because it is the only power described in the Bible breaking the whole world in peaces.

    Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist system. and they will rule the world again just like in the middle age were kings of Europe bowed down and get their instructions from the Pope to rule European empires.

    the world should expect the great period of nightmares, war, Revolution, blood shed, and the passing of a national Day of worship a SUNDAY LAW When Pope regain the world dominion very soon, which he lost in 1798 to Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolution.

  33. If there was no money in it, no control, no power, no dominion over the people, there would be no 'climate change.' You've no idea how pathologically controlled humanity is.

  34. Just yesterday, they announced that Arctic ice melts the size of Ohio every day! Guess we'll all be under water soon. I'm more concerned with global cooling when the sun takes a nap by producing very few sun spots. It's called The Grand Solar Minimum. A little warming is far more preferable.

  35. from the information that we get it seems that some of the effects of global warming are from the cyclical nature of the world and some manmade. but i'm just a concerned citizen of the world and get my info from different medias and what i see myself.

  36. Love your interviews.

    Causing weather changes or not, breathing in these particles are damaging to every animal, fish, and plant.

  37. Could have something to do with the solar system which moved into ours. The sun doesn't like it. Neither do the planets.

  38. Ridiculous. So the mega powerful and influential authors of American foreign policy seem to be failing massively to author a climate change environmental policy in the Trump administration. Look, take millenia of carbon capture in the normal carbon cycle and then release it in a few generations and at the same time cut down rainforests and decimate the whale population (integral factors in the carbon cycle, particularly in the planet's natural ability to carbon capture) Icke as usual spouting the fantasy of the corporate banking industrialist world whilst pretending not to. WAKE UP!

  39. one just has to look at the arctic ice loss and there is the proof that the planet is warming up. When the ice is gone from the arctic which is only in a few years he will end up shooting himself because he cannot handle the truth. He is definitely afraid of the truth.

  40. As much as Iโ€™m an Ike fan on almost every other subject, VERY unfortunately he is stuck in some kind of an infinite loop when it comes to his wishful thinking that climate change is not the most serious problem the planet faces. The problem is that the powers that be – the very people planning to take over the planet (as if they hadnโ€™t already done so) are the ones must at risk BY climate change and the need to shut down their polluting industries.

  41. nobody believes climate change isnt real, nobody believes that humans don't contribute to it. Global Warming is happening on the earths surface and like every other hard body in space will eventually become a moon or a mars landscape, cooked by the sun no matter what humans do. Eventually if the planet is not hit by another body and destroyed, then the earths demise will be a cold one as the earths core continues to cool until it is just solid rock.

  42. Ok so is it bad driving electrical vehicles? Is it bad not to pollute? Stop throwing more Co2 in the air? Global warming or climmate change who cares call it as you please.

  43. So I do oil as a truck driver I do 19 thousand gal of fuel oil a day. So burning all that in the air does nothing over time yeah ok lol

  44. What most people doesnt take in count is that the human soul is affecting the planet, the greatest creation of all. The human soul condition is pretty low so the anger we have inside of us is earth reflecting with all kinds of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions.

  45. this guy is a great example of a guy with the right attitude towards wanting to learn more, but not really grasping real reasonable facts well enough. just him saying that carbon dioxide is the basis for life makes me think he's just another sceptic and conspiracy theorist.

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