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  1. Trump is only holding off the inevitable. These sick communist liberals if they ever get in power will open those borders and we will fall like the Roman empire . We need 20 years of conservative leadership .

  2. I am a American and most Americans are voteing for Our President Trump and I am one of them it is fowl mouth bully’s that dose not no respect for yourself let along haveing any respect for for anyone else or the first President that works for Americans instead of take I gotta bribes and stealing from the American people

  3. it was a perfect phone call mommy!
    we're having too much fun executing jihadists like al bagdaddy and jamal khashoggi.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is not going to pull the plug on the attempt to Impeach Trump. The Democrats are not looking for an off ramp. That would require rational thinking that they don't possess. The Democrats are running full steam ahead like Lemmings rushing off a cliff. They are so blinded with TDS that they can't see the cliff ahead. It just may turn out to be a good thing, Hopefully the voters will boot these Zombies out of office.

  5. Listening daily to Rush and Sean on the radio, I'm learning that no matter how much they rant about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden does not hide the fact that the GOP and its leaders are burying their heads in the sand to avoid answering why they defend a corrupt business man turned president. They either know personally or through people in the know, just how corrupt he's always been and yet they risk their careers protecting (Al Capone) trump. They'll be spending the rest of their lives having nightmares about the KING they didn't get.

  6. What's right is right, and what's wrong is them attacking a good man / president who is seriously in to defending our Constitution. It's what we voted him in for, they need to get off that sinking ship and join Americans sailing into prosperity, freedom and peace. Keep America great! Look at Hong Kong waving our Great flag while we have idiots here burning them.

  7. Just think, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff represent this country. I think we deserve better. Aren't you tired of lies and deception ????

  8. ​ I met many of them and their associates, and I know that they use more drugs, then anyone else, and they always hated anyone, who refused to take drugs. Moreover they try to defamed those, who refused drugs, and accused them FALSELY for "taking drugs". I guess this was their "protection" from being exposed for their drug use, by those, who refused to join them in drugs consummations. Naturally we know that our President Trump never used drug, but most presidents, who were before Him: did. So they partially "hate him for it", but they also have other reasons, as: envy of "his energy", or His "criticism of Air Media FAKE NEWS". We know that many entertainer's are using drugs. Might be this is their "secret weapons" connections?

  9. Donald John Trump, is the President of the United States of America. Lawfully. Elected by his peers according to U.S. Law.

  10. I think what continues to shock me more and more is how many in the democratic party are supporting the lying and scams and efforts to frame the president. So far I have only heard about a few who isn't in agreement with the things they are doing. And even worse…………we have some republicans too.

  11. The Demo-rats started planning impeachment the day AFTER the 2016 elections! In fact, I recall one prominent Demo-rat flippantly comment a couple of weeks before the election what would the Demo-rats do if Trump DID win, they would just impeach him! What is really sickening is according to polls over 40% of Americans favor impeachment based on fabricated charges and hearsay! What an indictment of a clueless citizenry! Bottom line: For over 200 years America has prided itself on the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the other! That ended forever with the 2016 elections! The die is cast! Any election results not meeting the approval of the powers that be will be contested and tossed aside if at all possible, "You 'VILL' vote the way your masters want, or else!" Those who cling to the naive notion "It can't happen here" guarantee it will!

  12. I am so sick & tired of this impeachment bullcrap. what a waste of time & money. The democrats have done absolutely nothing for the American people except cause discourse & complete clarity of how big an idiots they are. Time to wrap it up dems.. you lose.

  13. Out here in fly-over country, the incessant attack on the president is steeling the views of Trump supports and winning over thousands of independents and even Dems every day. Barring a major economic collapse prior to election day, Trump and the GOP will sweep 49 of 50 states.

  14. I am an independent from colorado, go Trump. I see a party trying to trash USA to get Trump. Not good dems, voting republican all the way

  15. The lefts have been has been dividing Amerians everyday with their allies CNN,MSNBC,NYT, Washington Post, NBC,ABC and CBS.

  16. Rush Limbaugh predicted that it won't go to a vote b/c then dems lose control of the news cycle. I will be surprised if there is a vote. Of the 31 dems in Trump districts repubs only need 18 to flip the house. Nancy already said she doesn't care, impeaching is worth losing the house. She plans to retire anyway, but those 31 on thin ice want to keep that hefty paycheck they get for doing nothing. I want to see a down and dirty senate trial, but i think they will vote yes to dismiss it….and i predict a dem will ask for it.

  17. Who would ever take these Democrats serious again. They have wasted millions and millions of dollars and taxpayers money and so much time with their ridiculous stupidity. It's going to be a landslide when it's time to vote these Democrats are all going to get voted out and not a minute too soon. Thank God.

  18. I think the DemocRATS impeachment attempt against POTUS will cost them (I Hope!) many congressional seats! TRUMP 2020 with a strong chance to take Congress!

  19. I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office. Andrew Jackson

  20. Witnesses in senate’s trials: maybe Adam Schiff, whistleblowers, joe and hunter Biden. If the vote for impeachment passed in the house congress, it will continue trials in senate. It would be great if the swamps trapped in senate ?

  21. So happy to see independents see through the smoke and mirrors. The demonrRats may never see the Presidency again.

  22. The greatest Danger to America isNot trump, it's the people who Blindly support trump. trump said he could " shoot someone on 5th ave. & his followers would still support him ". I did not believe it then, but sadly :(, I do do now. History will look back on this " Clear & Present Danger to America & wonder how so many people could have been so misguided. It is Treasonous, how the Republicians have sold out democracy, for what ? , " a few more years in office, a 401k. trump supporters, for America's sake, PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!!! Put your pride aside, admit you made a mistake in supporting, such a Racist, Criminal, Con man. The Danger is America is greater that you think. PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!!!

  23. Fox News has zero clue what American is about. With trump gagging key witnesses, in contempt of Congress many times and with nine Russians dead who were tied to trump campaign and deustche bank exec who was found hung dead (he approved trumps loans), have everything to do with trump helping Putin cover up interference by blaming Ukraine.

  24. No not at all its real legal and constitutional. Get this dumb chick outta here. 4 blind dumbass mice cant read apparently nor hear. Everything is obvious.

    Once Articles of Impeachment are released into the Senate , THE REPUBLICAN RAN SENATE this becomes a trial. From that moment the President HAS EVERY RIGHT, LIBERTY, PROTECTIONS AND FREEDOM THAT EVERY AMERICAN HAS !! SO PLEASE FILE THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT OH AND TELL

  26. This is a joke. But I'll tell you what's not a joke, If the Dems keep pushing this bogus impeachment, the American people are going to push back. When that happens, its over for the Dems. What we have here is sedition, treason, abuse of power, and pure corruption on the democrats

  27. There is little, if any, difference between TREASON & a coup d etat & CIA whistleblower #1's lawyer, ZAID, tweeted out just days after Trump was inaugurated "a coup has begun & he will ultimately be removed"! Think the background of this lawyer & the law firm he works for should all be investigated for connection to the one world global government, aka the new world order, the CIA! It is no accident that the whistleblower chooses this lawyer by accident, which should tell every sane person that the STOP TRUMP has actually been treason trying to prevent an outsider from getting elected – instead of their insider Hillary Clinton! Their arrest, detainment & prosecution are long overdue!

  28. If you point out all
    of the worse things obama did, its because youre a racist. If you point out the common sense this president is using, its because youre a cultist. wow

    and if the bidens or shitshow shiff testify, it will be under immunity conditions so they will walk free

  29. Where are all the main stream media supporters disliking this video?? oh that's right, its fake news and they make up their supporters numbers just like they make their own fake polls!!!

  30. Time to oust these political hack Democrats 2nd Amendment style. My 1st Amendment right to say it. Enough is enough.

  31. russia russia russia, then muller muller muller, now impeach impeach impeach!!!!!! silly out of touch dum dum deepstate demonRATs!!!!!!

  32. do not allow the democrats to sweep this impeachment nonsense under the rug and move on to the usmca or whatever… make them follow this through to the very bitter end.

  33. Schiff has lied and lied and lied! FACT _ He wont be a wttness if he is put under oath !!! Subpoena him and just see how much he BACK TRACKS AND HIDES UNDER PELOSIS DRESS !!

  34. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael Scott & Dwight Shrute> Abbott and Costello>

  35. Nope. Trump will be impeached. Deal with it Trumptards. And then go watch the movie All The Presidents Men for a reality check.

  36. The deletion of section 2 by section 45(1) of Act 22 of 1992 was effective as of 30 November 1992.

    GN 117/1992, which brought Act 22 of 1992 into force, states that “the provisions of that Act shall

    come into operation on 31 August 1992, except the provisions of subsection (1) of section 45 thereof

    which shall come into operation on the date fixed in terms of Article 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution”.

    Section 137(6) of the Namibian Constitution states:

    “Elections for Regional Councils shall be held on a date to be fixed by the

    President by Proclamation, which shall be a date within one (1) month of the date

    of the elections referred to in Sub-Article (5) hereof, or within one (1) month of the

    date on which the legislation referred to in Article 106 (3) hereof has been

    enacted, whichever is the later: provided that the National Assembly may

    by resolution and for good cause extend the period within which such elections shall be held.”

    Proc. 39/1992 (GG 502) fixed “30 November, 1 December, 2 December and 3 December 1992

    as the dates for the holding of elections for Regional Councils”.]

  37. Those who voted to impeach our duly elected President should remember that you're working for hard-working taxpayers who sent you to Congress, but not doing the ridiculous impeachment.

  38. 6:14min, it's crucial to expose exactly what these demonrat criminals are up to at all times, but, being as they are so stupid, it is also important to 4). spell out for them, exactly what they should do, otherwise they only keep doing the last thing what they heard, what everybody is describing (1.2.&3., & they are too stupid, & evil, to think of anything else themselves)
    1). what they are doing,
    2). & are planning on doing,
    3). & what they could do,

    ….so it's really important to discuss all 4 of these categories, so you, (again), 4). spell-out their out-path, (&into prison), for the tardies also, as this fine intelligent gentleman demonstrates here.
    A full essay.

  39. If you people choose to ignore trumps crimes and call it patriotism is insane and the lies fox news is pushing is unpatriotic

  40. He's going to be remembered as the greatest president of our time and the president that defeated the fake news mainstream media and the corrupted Democratic. We're already in the "post politics". We need the Republican, who will stand up to democratic beyond 2020. Democratic will be collapsed in 2020, instead of creating wealth, it created misery. Instead of creating economic equality. To the citizen of United States, it created corruption and greed and lust for power. They have no responsibility to the voter. I truly call Donald Trump the president of our Father Nations. The power to command and control the performance to protect both the citizen's life and liberty property against arbitrary acts of the sovereign.

  41. president trump can count on my vote again and my husband whom is a veteren thank you for all you have done for this country

  42. Nadler? Shouldn’t be allowed to be involved in the proceedings? Once he’s shown his unequivocal bias(unashamedly), no fairness can take place.

  43. The FDA is trying to impeach the herb Kratom that helps so many with pain relief and get off opiates and heavy drugs in general. It’s a scam such a safe herb with so many benefits in the same family as coffee

  44. Jerry Nadler why don't you resign and move to Russia if you don't like our election process! You congressman Nadler are the quintessential political deviance that we don't want in America so if you don't like the system get the hell out and go to Russia or China you would fit in better give me a break Democrats nothing but a bunch of cry babies

  45. You Democrats Congressman in the house are going to Rue the day you even mentioned impeachment! Do you realize what is coming your way in the next trial Trump is not going to be on trial your entire Congress is going to be on trial bye-bye you just lost your freaking jobs you bunch of morons cry babies infants and enemies to America! God Bless America when he boots every one of you out of your high horse jobs what a travesty you have put on America makes me want to throw up

  46. How many times does it got to back fire on them before they say ok enough is enough and start doing their real job and stop working only on trying to get rid of the president with record highs and lows

  47. The President has made the right decision to not participate in the absurd, baseless hearings. Why should he lower himself to the demorats level which is a fraudulent joke. The entire process is a circus & completely rigged against the President. Why enter a card game where everyone but you knows the rules & which cards are marked & where you are the determined loser? The President walks on much higher ground & involves himself with real world problems. President Trump has zero time for the demorats silly & childish games. He does however have the right to express his opinion on the matter. Very simply put, it is a hoax, a way for those involved to avoid the serious & complex work of carrying out the will of the people & addressing pressing foreign concerns. While the left plays games of no consequence that are based on fraud every step of the way, the President works 24/7 on significant matters of state that help move our great country forward to "Make America Great again"!

  48. I am an independent who was watching the hearings for some real evidence with which to change my mind and vote in 2020. I have been watching the boring Dem debates and outside of Ms Gabbard, there is no candidate I can get behind. These impeachment hearings are an obvious farce just to cast a shadow of doubt to make independents reconsider. Truth is, save one, Dem 2020 candidates are terrible, platform-less, status quo, lifers that have only their own interests at heart. The EXACT reasons for 2016 are what Dems are still running on! Pathetic!

  49. The Democrats are like bad children they don't want us to be happy because we voted Trump and they can't steal our cookies out of our cookie jar so they're going to make us miserable everybody in America is going to be miserable because of them and their temper tantrum, I wonder who really is the basket of deplorables

  50. Impeach trump for doing what our politicians are incapable of doing. Impeach for exposing their corruption. That makes sense ?

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