Is Coupon Arbitrage on Amazon Dead [or coming back with a vengeance]

Is Coupon Arbitrage on Amazon Dead [or coming back with a vengeance]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I want to cover an issue in a question that was kind of brought
to light for me last night door and consulting call and I thought it was a
great opportunity to kind of take that information that I gave to that person
and put it in a video format so I can kind of address it for everybody out
there that might be kind of scratching their head and thinking I’m sourcing
through these sites but I can’t find the products that Brian’s telling me about
you know is there something wrong with my sourcing you know am I crazy and the
answer is no you’re not crazy if you’re searching through the coupon sites
there’s two different things that I want to address here before I move on to
another coupon site that I’ll talk about that is a gem of a coupon site that you
can find great deals on where you can resell back online for a great profit
margins that I use myself and I’m going to show you countless examples of all
these as you’ll see up here of literally items that I get from sites like this
that I list to sell on possnmark and Macari and eBay for a great profit
margin now the question was basically you know I’m searching through the pond
and I’m searching through snag shop and I’m it’s I’m literally searching for
like hours and I can’t find any deals and the ones that I do find you know are
few and far between and the ones that I do find you know often you know aren’t
the margins that you know I expect and so I want to address that here in this
video because I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there thinking the same thing
because I do look at my YouTube analytics and I do notice that a lot of
people come into my content from older videos now the older videos tend to be
on coupon arbitrage because that is the first coupon that not the first coupon
it’s the first online arbitrage business model that I ever got into when I ever
implemented so that’s the first business model that I ever teach right you might
literally be seeing some of the older videos and coming out onto my channel
from the older videos and I’m sorting through places like VIP on and snag
shower and loot hoots know more which is gonna reiterate the point that I’m
talking about here in a second and I’m literally going oh I’m on the homepage I
found this deal I found this deal I found this deal and it takes me like a
minute to find like five to ten products which I’m making like a hundred bucks on
total and I’m saying why don’t you hop on this and do it do it yourself right
so you can still use VIP on and snag shout I still do VIP ons a little bit
hit or miss snag shell does have all right items and I have bought some items
from snacks out here but I’m gonna hit it home for you that these are not the
same sites that they used to be coupon arbitrage is not
easy as it used to be when I used to create those tutorials right and I would
resell them back on Amazon and I’ll kind of teach that business model it was like
two years ago the market hadn’t adjusted yet the private label sellers hadn’t
adjusted yet obviously here we are in the beginning of – of 2020 right so it’s
a completely different game now and it was like stealing candy from a baby you
could hop on to the coupon sites literally any one of them buy a product
for like two bucks shipping into FBA sell it for twenty and make like the $15
after Amazon fees right and you could just just continue to do that over and
over and over again and it was so so easy now can you still do that there’s
two things I want to hit on here Before we jump in to the actual examples of
products that I’ve listed as you can see there’s a bunch of them here and the
other website so first and foremost there’s two ways to approach this like
I’ve touched on in previous videos right the first way is to source on these
coupon sites with the intention of reselling back on Amazon if you’re gonna
do that pay attention if you’re going to do that understand that it comes with
the risk of potential copyright claims trademark claims all sorts of claims
because that is a way that other private label sellers all these sellers right
here listing these products have adjusted to understand that they can
just file endless claims against any seller that hops on their listing even
if the claim is baseless you are allowed to resell products that said Amazon is
not you know the federal government Amazon is not the US is the third it is
a third party website with their own rules in their own Terms of Service so
that said while you were are legally allowed to resell anything that you
purchase Amazon is definitely allowed to hit you with a copyright strike or a
trademark strike we’re an IP strike right on your account and then you have
to go through the the kind of you know the headache essentially of proving to
them that you actually did have the product that you weren’t infringing so
in my opinion I don’t do that anymore because it’s not worth the headache and
it’s not worth constantly risking my account and kind of appealing those and
getting them off my account fast enough right so if you’re scaling up understand
that it comes with a lot of risk so there’s two ways to basically approach
it a do it a little bit for some cash back on the side or not cash back for
some cash flow on the side right and then if you’re not scaling it up to too
much you can kind of manage your claims appeal them because you don’t have to
too many because you’re not scaled up too much
and then you kind of mitigate your risk by only claiming a few and shipping them
into FBA at once maybe that necks you like 500 a month
extra cash flow but understand that it does come with risk I do it the second
way which is the way I’m going to teach you here in a second because I’m more
focused on saving the health of my Amazon account to ship in wholesale
items liquidation items both deal items books right
I want to leverage FBA to do the more scalable business models unlike coupon
arbitrage because now there is not nearly as many products and there’s not
nearly as many sellers on these coupon sites with the profit margin that there
used to be so I don’t go after it like that anymore you can just understand
that it comes with risk so the second way is to source these sites with the
intention of reselling back on Poshmark Macari and eBay because you’re getting
deals so so cheap that you don’t have to send him into Amazon right if you’re
gonna get a deal for example let me show you an example of a website here right
now jumps in is a great example of another
coupon website like snag shout and VIP on where you can hop on this website but
if I sort price low to high look at all these deals here I can get these bibs
right here $0.10 don’t you think if I can get these Prime 10 cents to my door
so I’m spending 10 cents into this product and I list them back on posh
marketer car and eBay for like 10 bucks were 15 bucks or 20 bucks and then
slowly mark them down and make offers to eventually sell them at like 10 or 15
bucks right that’s a great profit margin and I’m only risking 10 cents same thing
with this thing 17 cents 17 cents 18 cents 36 cents I sold all these
eyelashes there’s so many eyelashes here I sold eyelashes on Poshmark Macari like
that now keep in mind that they are a little bit more when I used to do it
it’ll about maybe a month or two they weren’t as kind of um you know there
weren’t as many on the platform listed so they’re definitely a little bit more
saturated now but you can still sell them because you’re getting them super
super cheap so you’re risking barely any money at all to get into these products
that you can then resell back on em not on Amazon excuse me
on possnmark Macari and eBay for ridiculously high profit margins now I
covered a million different times on this channel how to sell more on posture
how to sell more on ebay how to sell more on on a more car
right I will drop all three of those tutorials down at the bottom of the
description if you want to check them out or save them to watch later so you
can go back and watch those so you understand the strategy behind listing
these hi making offers and kind of sharing on different platforms so that
you can sell these faster and for a higher profit margin but there are a
number of great items here that you can claim look this one right here 46 cents
it retails at 22 99 40 cents $19.99 this one’s a little bit lower profit margin
but I wouldn’t list this at $5.99 you’re getting it for 60 cents I’d probably
list this at like 15 bucks on Poshmark or Macario or ebay and then slowly make
offers to likers and kind of drop the price that way so if somebody thinks
that they’re getting a deal right it’s psychology same thing with this one
right 40 cents retails for $19.99 I mean where where else are you gonna go to a
flea market or anything like that we’re a thrift store and get $40 great brand
new items that oh by the way come with a great Amazon listing that you can take
the pictures you can take the listing all sorts of great opportunity here and
they’re coming to your door you don’t have to go out to the store and source
them and scan and figure out what it is you can do all that research right here
from your computer so here’s an example of selective deals that I’ve claimed
right now usually go through this every morning and see what deals have popped
up and I have multiple jump cent accounts and you can sign up for
multiple jump seven accounts as well just make sure you do it with a
different email and a different browser I don’t believe that their internal IP
sensitive or external IP sensitive excuse me but I do believe that their
internal IP sensitive so just make sure you sign up on a different browser so
like like Firefox or Internet Explorer or there’s many other ones like opera or
whatever or Google Chrome right so I’m gonna get these items potentially for
like 40 cents and then look I don’t just say this guy’s I had literally sell them
all back on these sites you can do the same thing and replicate this process
look this one’s listed right here 24 bucks potentially this one’s listed 16
bucks potentially and look how I list them higher and then slowly drop the
price to entice buyers to actually go ahead and buy them right so right here
27 18 22 22 31 all these great items are listed here which you can then obviously
do the same thing and make the money right but you need to acquire the
inventory to list on these platforms whether it’s posh
Macari or ebay or all of them and then it’s a slowly drip slowly it’s a slow
steady drip of cash flow as your item sell because remember you’re getting
them super super cheap or even free all of these things that I’ve listed here
are either items that I got for free from a cashback website I’ve covered
cashback websites a million different times on this channel you can check the
link down in the description at the bottom of the description for the
cashback arbitrage playlists I’ll also drop that card up in the right-hand
corner right now or there are items where I’ve gotten on coupon sites super
super cheap like this right 250 192 even if it’s not 40 cents and you’re spending
like 2 bucks or 3 bucks or whatever to get these items but you’re listing them
back on you know these sites for like 20 or 30
bucks you’re still making a ridiculously high margin you don’t have to go out to
the stores to source them and oh by the way you’re barely spending any money
into these products is you’re literally you can probably get like 10 products
for like 10 bucks if you kind of source well so it’s very very easy to do
nineteen twenty eight eighteen nineteen twenty six twenty three you get the
picture I could keep going through these on and on and on and these just the ones
that I’ve pulled up I’m not so common common-sense piece that I would say to
you is people are always like hey I bought like one or two items and that’s
great if you just want to mitigate your risk and you just want to test it out
right but once you test it out you see that it works scale it up right you
barely have any risk you’re going after these coupon products that are super
cheap or you’re getting free products on the cash back websites because you’re
spending the money for him for retail but then you’re getting the cash back
through your PayPal so you barely spent any money if you if they even charge you
right because sometimes you have to spend like fifty cents to a dollar for
taxes but I mean still you’re getting the items super super cheap but scale it
up to sell like a thousand a month in items you probably need a thousand at
least in revenue and inventory worth of items right so people are always like
how can I sell five thousand a month on Poshmark Macari and eBay combined but
they only have like ten items listed across their stores and I’m like you
need more inventory right I just wanted to cover this here today because I get
this question a lot and while the coupon sites like jump send or VIP on or any of
the of the sites that I’ve covered all in this channel coupon arbitrage
playlist with all it’s up in the right-hand corner right
now also link that down in the bottom of the description at the end of the
description so whether you’re going the cash back sites the coupon sites you can
get free inventory just remember free or cheap inventory excuse me just remember
that while you can resell these back on Amazon I don’t necessarily recommend it
if you do don’t scale it up because the more you scale it the higher risk of
potential IP claims or copyright claims or trademark claims now that might
switch back the pendulum might swing back in favor of the of you know doing
this like that in the future when Amazon adjusts but that is not currently right
now so what I would recommend that you do is source the coupon sites in the
cash back sites for very free and cheap inventory and then resell it back on
Poshmark recurring eBay for great profit margins like I said I’m not just telling
you to do this I literally do this every single day

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  1. Hey Bryan, love the videos I just have two questions if you don’t mind:

    1.) On these other marketplaces such as “Mercari and Poshmark” how many days does it usually take for items to sell on average, because I know when you list products on Amazon they move pretty quickly like within a couple days to a week, is it the same for these other marketplaces?

    2.) On sites like Mercari and Poshmark how can you tell if an item will sell because with Amazon you can use tools like “JungleScout” or “BSR” to see if an item will sell and how quickly it will sell. So what methods do you use to tell if an item will sell on Mercari or Poshmark?

    I’m asking these questions because I really want to minimize any chances of having to sit on inventory for too long.

  2. Hey bry hope all is well with u. I have been trying to get a approval from amazon and i have had no luck with my bank statement part. Im thinking of just doing e bay with cash back and coupon sites for now. Can i use the bulk deal sites as well. Can u scale up with e bay and posh mark and them sites. Instead of amazon doing it on the other sites.

    Next thing i have no reviews on e bay. Id be new. Would u use a personal account or business account for e bay. Im looking to scale this up over the next 6 to 12 months.

  3. Business models tend to change over time so definitely a great video to go over this and explaining how to work this in todays world bro. 🙌🏽

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