IRRESISTIBLE – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 29

IRRESISTIBLE – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 29

Democrats are getting
their asses kicked. We need some way to road test a
more rural-friendly message. If you can’t live
your principles in the bad times, I guess
they aren’t principles, they’re just hobbies. Nice. John Wayne and a
tractor have a baby, and all you can say is “nice”? Oh my god, it’s so nice. Colonel Jack Hastings is our
key back into the great— now swing—state of Wisconsin. He just doesn’t know it yet. Can I be completely
honest with you, no bull? It’d be nice. My daughter’s here. That was your daughter…
with her arm up the cow? Guys like me don’t know
how to talk to guys like you. Do you have a bottle opener? That’s a… no, that’s
just a twist-off. Oh, yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah, I know. Maybe he does
need a bottle opener. Maybe use your vest. But I would like to
offer my services… Could we quiet the cows, please! …to help you run for Mayor of Deerlaken. And if you could get some
of them to face front. Oh my god. I am telling you guys,
Jack could be the real deal. This little campaign of
ours has caught the attention of the National
Republican Party. Why are you here? Because crushing the last
piece of hope in your eyes really gets me off. It’s good to see you. Yeah.
You look fat. I’m gonna make a
big deal of this. It’s on here, boys, game on. Tons of press, lots of money… This seems a bit crazy. Don’t put all the
black ones in the center. He’s running as a Moderate. This is the A-Team. All you have is fear. 20 bucks says I do better with
fear than you do with shame. The Democrat Party can’t win. They’re getting desperate. This is really just
another perfect example of the DC elite trying to
dictate how we should— That’s we, you’re DC elite. Oh, no actually I’m from here. I’m from Deerlaken. That’s a lie, that’s a lie, no,
that’s, what are you even doing? I, I’m from here.
Thank you so much.

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  1. Smug washington pedophiles team up with a simple country fella (he's not racist and loves immigrants) to help push for transgender bathrooms in Iowa. Hijinks ensue!

  2. I'll wait for RLM to review it before jumping to any conclusion but the premise seems deliberately obtuse especially for Stewart. Wasn't he bitching about Socjus whackjobs shitting on anyone right of Stalin as little as a year ago? Idk. I could see this being a lesson to the left more recently than insipid political posturing but with Hollywood being what it is, the most hypocritical place on earth, that just doesn't sound like something people would finance. Guess we'll see.

  3. Looks like Democrat good, Republican bad, political propaganda film dressed up as a comedy. When I go to a theater to watch a movie, I want to escape the stupidity of our current world for a little while to relax, not to be bombarded with political agitprop.

  4. Have you become so desperate you are now making movies to further the democratic party agenda?!? Ha. Agenda!
    Agenda, hollywood, it's not cute, it's ugly. We see through it.👎

  5. Why doesn't someone do a movie about illegals using guns and drunk driving and raping, but instead of the victims being average Americans, lets have celebutards, Commiecrats & RINOS as the victims. The arc of the story can be how long it takes to build the wall.

  6. The problem is no the trailer or the film, it is liberalism that will sink it, or make it. Plus, yeah the trailer sucks and makes the film look reall really old (and tv movie like)

  7. Yah no… this is a make believe Democrat feel good piece, Jon really wishes this was the issue with Democrats but it’s not. Their moral busy bodies that never let up, thinking they know what’s best ruining lives and offering nothing in return.

    Jon Stewart was lucky to retire when he did because his style of show is currently tanking in the ratings for Trevor Noah and Colbert.

  8. Hollywood: let's make a cutesy movie about the dummy whites that live in fly over states so we can weasel in our politics and then win over said dummy whites.

  9. And the lefts Hollywood wing propaganda machine starts the misinformation, misrepresentation for the 2020 election. Smear the right with bs stereotypes and lets make it cool and funny. This effects the simple minded and haters that need to reenforce their unfounded hate. What’s really funny is that the actual lies come from CNN and MSNBC etc…They misinform and refuse to report stories that go against the leftist narratives. Many anchors and editors have deep democratic ties, they never tout. More crap from the left.

  10. Theres actually comments about how theres too many white actors, and too many of them are unironic… Tell me, what actor of color would you choose for this? I'm genuinely curious.

  11. Oh boy this movie is gonna start some controversy. Dont get me wrong it looks good and I'm sure it's funny but with all the tension in the political environment right now this movie is just begging for some controversy.

  12. "We have facts and figures on our side and all they have is fear mongering … We're so screwed "
    Lesley Knope Parks and rec

  13. Imagine making this absolute fantasy of a movie in the political moment that is 2020. How out of touch do you have to be to even get through writing the first page of the script??

  14. I'll see this regardless of the political bias. Looks hilarious like 2020's WAG THE DOG or PRIMARY COLORS?

  15. Does anyone else feel like this is just a movie made to be a commercial for the Democratic Party? Looks funny though “Maybe you should use your vest” 🤣🤣😂

  16. We’d probably be better off if the country stayed split so the republicans could live happy farm lives while the democrats join the EU and abandon the constitution like they so obviously want to.

  17. I'm not sorry but I don't like Democrats. Plus idk who in their right mind would make a political movie.. I now know where the movie industry is at for Focus Features. Six feet under and leading at the helm is Jon Stewart. This is why I stick to the older movies from the 60s and 70s, I'd take any good old Western over this movie any day

  18. this seems like less of a comedy and more of a documentary… I cant tell anymore, the USA is a joke around the world

  19. welp, it is definitely showing the sleazy side of democrats. I would go so far it isn't going far enough to be honest about their bile.

  20. This 'dated' trailer is way better than most trailers today that rely on excessive drums, piano keys, quick cuts and end with a popular song that has been reworked to sound ominous.

  21. I'm confused… this is a movie about Democrats manipulating people?  Can't I just turn on the news and see that?

  22. Thought it may have been another HW biased movie at first but it actually looks like it's trying to bridge the divide in this country. I really hope that's the case.

    I could totally see this going the other way though….

  23. Hopefully the actual movie is much better than what this trailer makes it look like…I love Jon Stewart but this doesn’t look too promising. I’ll check it out though.

  24. Big movies are dying
    People are tired of the constant bickering of politicians and activists on TV
    They just want to come to the cinema and get away from all this

    Making a "Comedy" about politics

  25. This is timed to influence the election as much as it is to make money off it. They certainly want to portray republicans in a bad light, but they run the risk of alienating half the electorate and going broke if they play it too woke.

  26. I'm so excited for this movie hopefully they'll show how great dems are and how they are honest and kind and show how loving and peaceful antifa is

  27. Yayyyy filmed in Rockmart Georgia!!! Gooooo my little town! FYI the cast and crew met a lot of residents are were really kind! I have photos of downtown with "deerlaken" everywhere. Pretty cool!

  28. Hey Jonathan Leibowitz, count your millions and raise your kids. Your brand of cynicism ruined my generation and now you want the zoomers too. You turned into a partisan hack and made your money off insulting 60% of the country most of your career. Get bent. Get back in retirement.

  29. you recycle Micheal Scott to make us like elitist democrats that call us racist and fund baby murder? Man I can not stand you guys.

  30. Well they make a movie about American citizens who lost loved ones at the hands of an illegal immigrant who was repeatedly released by sanctuary city policies? Or is that too politically inconvenient for the open borders woke mafia?

  31. Wow. A movie written by uber libtard Jon Stewart supporting the Demorat party and Illegal Aliens. Who could ever have seen this coming out of Hollywood??

  32. This is gonna flop so hard. Nobody wants this decisive crap right now, it so tone deaf. America knows when they see a flop (cats, dolittle, etc). Wrong place wrong time, wrong tone.

  33. Showing that elitist Democrats are out of touch is a good start. Trying to make fun and profit from it shows just how out of touch you truly are.

  34. Democrats are politically morally ethically personally corrupt to the core anti-American elitist leftist indoctrinated ideologues, concerned only with WashDC political power and control by any means necessary, radical far left political insurrection, propaganda, stoking, invoking division hate, tribal identity politics, etc etc

    Democrats are Taxing, Spending, Borrowing into oblivion Globalist Socialist Police State Radical Leftists using divisionism, anarchy, propaganda, hate and violence as exhibited by their militant fascist street thug organization antiFA, who's core constituency is now WallStreet Corporations and illegal aliens as a reliable voting block to displace the Black African-American voting base who are now abandoning them by the millions, who are finally starting to see after 50 years of welfare govt program dependency, the light that the Democrats are not their friend, but their political plantation masters.

    Then there's the other side of the political entrenched DC aisle – The GOP DC Globalist Corporatist Republican RINO Establishment of Bush, Dole, Boehner, Ryan, McCain, McConnell, McCarthy and company is the just the opposite of the Democrat corrupt coin, who share power with Democrats, who have been stabbing their own voting base constituency in the back for decades, which is exactly why we the American people voted for Donald J. Trump and not a GOP Est RINOcrat.

    Republican Populist Donald J. Trump is a political outsider, a true independent who is beholden to no one, who has taken on both sides of political aisle entrenched DC corrupt political party establishment rule, to take back the US govt and return power back to We the American People, to shake up WashDC and drain the DC swamp of political entrenched bureaucratic deep state political parasites, which as evident in their open war campaign against Pres Trump defiance, from their failed 2-3 year Russia collusion obstruction accusation false narrative meme, to their fraudulent Ukraine-gate frame job impeachment sham, they have proven impotent and exposed their corrupt, subversive, seditious, and treasonous actions for all to see.

    Pres Trump has literally single-handedly transformed the Republican Party into the party of the working men and women of America, the party of the American Middle Class to the dislike and objection of the DC GOP Globalist RINO Est, who either like it or not-accept it, or be primaried / voted out.

    Pres Trump, in spite of the radical far left Democrat political insurgents failed bureaucratic govt coupe against Pres Trump, has in 3 years been so massively successful in keeping all his campaign promises, Making America Great Again – working for the American working men and women across the country- restoring economic financial prosperity again by creating the greatest growing US Economy in US history with massive Tax Reform / Tax Cuts, Renegotiated International Trade Deals with nearly every country, imposing Tariffs on China in re-establishing a new China Trade Policy.. Massive slashing of Obama's govt Regulatory State to the bone.. Enabled US Energy company's to mass produce Oil, Gas, Coal at record levels securing US as a Energy Independent nation, hence reinforcing US National Security, which entails securing US National Borders – Building a Wall across the US-Mexico Border, massive deportation of criminal illegal aliens, enforcing US immigration laws.. along with rebuilding our US Military after Obama gutted, defunded, and demoralized for 8 years, hence unshackled the US Military 's hands to defeat ISIS, and most esp take America out of Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal, killing Iran's top Terrorist general, and putting Iran on notice, they will be militarily eviscerated, annihilated if they kill any US personnel, attack any US territory, which esp includes US Embassies.

    Not only will Pres Trump not be removed from office in a Senate Trial, but on 3 Nov 2020 Pres Trump will be re-elected in a massive landslide victory, and Pelosi-Democrats will lose the House again, by doing so the American voters will have effectively override the Democrat House fraudulent sham-peachment of Pres Trump, will be noted in US history as the first time an "House Impeached President" was overwhelmingly re-elected in a electoral landslide victory, thus the American Voters will have effectively impeached the Democrat House for Abuse of Congress.

    Nancy Pelosi will go down as the worst House Speaker in US history, having been thrown out of power twice for total and utter complete dysfunctional psychotic delusional failure !

    Come Nov, Democrats, as in 2010, 2014, 2016, will not only lose all national political power, but they will be relegated to a radical coastal elitist fringe party of their own making for decades to come.

  35. This reminds me of Mary Beth Roger's book "Turning Texas Blue". Simply acknowledging that there is a problem doesn't fix said problem Democrats. Democrats are upset that the Rust Belt, Texas, and Florida are red, but the Democratic Party isn't making any palpable effort to change that. Pretending to care about the "flyover states" isn't going to change people's minds; it shows how woefully out of touch the Democratic Party is. The Dems abandoned blue collar, small town America long ago; they put foreign interests first and the effects can be seen in cities across the Great Lakes region. The Dems no longer represent farmers, laborers, and the working class. The Democrats inability to empathize with Middle America is what is causing them to lose elections. Good job Jon Stewart. I don't think you could have made this propaganda piece any more condescending. And right before a major election in November; what a coinkydink!

  36. As Woke democrats are caught on hidden camera saying they are all communists and want executions, control of the media and gulags. As democrats are caught on cavers saying more “white males need to kill themselves”. As democrats are caught on camera saying they want “re-education camps”. As democrats are caught on camera saying they advocate for open borders so they can get their “socialist utopia” democratically though mass 3rd world immigration. As democrats call women that stay home and raise their kids, “Nazis.” As democrats are calling WW2 veterans, “Nazis”. As democrats call everyone they disagree with, “Nazis.”
    As democrats call for a coup and say “certain people should be denied the right to vote.”

    I’ll pass on the democratic Party.

  37. You better not be dragging veterans through the mud to make your point or there's going to be hell to pay Jon Stewart.

  38. The whole concept of this movie is elitist and stupid. Democrats are further left than they’ve ever been and your average rural American isn’t as stupid as you portray them to be. Shove it, Stewart.

  39. Isn’t it interesting how the leftist Hollywood types hardly ever film in their own backyard? They go out and take advantage of tax breaks in Republican run states like the hypocrites they are.

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