iRODS in Production: Sharing Data Across Disciplines | Utrecht University

iRODS in Production: Sharing Data Across Disciplines | Utrecht University

Hello, my name is Rob van Schip from Utrecht University. I work as an iRODS administrator. So, the way researchers used to keep their data was to keep their data themselves on the USB drives, but we had to convince them that bringing structure to your data will later on help other researchers that they can use the data. So now we can add metadata to the research, and then in ten years, someone can still say, well what was this research about. They can check the metadata and see, well, I can use this data, so that will help future research. So when we first started using iRODS at Utrecht University, there wasn’t really a data management solution. iRODS was the solution we really thought we could use because it’s open source, so we could use it and change things if we’d like and contribute to the community back. Because Utrecht University really thinks, or really likes, open source, so most of the stuff we developed, we have our own implementation on top of iRODS that’s called YODA. And we contribute back to the community as well, so almost all code that was written is all also open source and anyone can use it.

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