iRODS in Production: Complementing an Enterprise Storage Solution | SUSE

iRODS in Production: Complementing an Enterprise Storage Solution | SUSE

We’re SUSE, the linux OS company, but we’re also more of a platform company. We have a cloud platform and containers platform
and a storage platform that we call SUSE Enterprise Storage. It’s Ceph-based, and
of course as part of that, we’re looking for consumers of storage and that leads
us straight to iRODS. You have a product, an open-source project, that is
essentially made for dealing with people who produce petabytes of research data
and other things and need to manage it, classify it, and store it. SUSE Enterprise
Storage, which is a Ceph-based product, is very versatile, but the real draw to it
is that it’s a software-defined storage – meaning you get lots and lots of cheap
discs together and organize it the way you want and put it into clusters and
nodes and groups and it gets more efficient. The more data you throw at it
the bigger it gets. It gets less expensive the bigger it gets. iRODS users
produce lots and lots and lots of data and they need what we call storage tiers,
what a lot of people call storage tiers – the top tier one being very fast
storage. Ceph specializes in what we call tier 2
or tier 3 intermediate use or things you’re gonna store away for long terms
of time and repository. We’re really good at that and your users – the
universities, the big scientific research companies – are also really really good at
producing these large types of data that they don’t need terrifically fast access
to right away but they need it to be there and be available when they need to
go back and scan it and use it. So iRODS users fit Ceph’s and the standard SUSE Enterprise Storage’s primary use case. Rather than just go to your users, we want to contribute. That’s why
we became a consortium member. We’re going to do testing, we’re gonna contribute code, we’re gonna contribute our operating system for free so you can use
it in your testing labs. This is something we do for a lot of other communities as
well, including for example a Ceph community which is what our storage product is based on. We’re not just users or commercial hangers-on; we’re also
contributing back. That’s the goal.

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