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  1. Dalia Al-Aqidi would have my vote if I lived in her district. Not only does the other candidate hate America she tried to poison Israel with her hatred. Fortunately Israel would not allow her in the country dispite being a US Congresswoman.

  2. White people trying to make colored people fight each other. This Iraqi refugee should remember that the reason she and her family are in the USA was because her country was bombed back to stone age by the very party she is trying to promote!

  3. This woman sounds very reasonable. I hope she can remove that hater from office. Omar is evil personified. I don't understand why anyone voted for her. Omar ran from Somalia and now wants to recreate it here.

  4. Omar is a manchurian candidate. Not an American. She doesn't care about the citizens of this country. Get rid of Omar, Cortez, and all the other identity shtbag politicians.

  5. I would be interested in what it is that Ilhan Omar does to hurt her country, as there had been no concrete example given.

  6. Say the right things, do the right things…don't care what you are. Who cares what she is, if she is american, for america than hell ya!!! maga!!! maga has no prejudices!!!

  7. ill han omar is an ungrateful un American 2nd class citizen that we can deport if she is convicted on her alleged crimes.

  8. This is what happens when ur too nice. Being too nice u would let a iraqi refugee have power and have a voice at the top. When we hear all the time terrorists pretend to be an iraqi refugee just to get into america.

  9. Trump spread a thousand times the hatred with one drone strike, when a poisoned lamb chop would have done the trick.

  10. That thumbnail of Omar with her felatio mouth ready is what she should look like on her knees about to thank America for letting her live here.

  11. This old woman she looks very jealous of ilham omar and she want to come famouse that is why she is attacking ilham omar that is middle eastern decease becouse they think they can take away her success.

  12. Unfortunately, the seat in Minnesota is a democratic stronghold. A Republican candidate can never win there. But all the best to Dalia.

  13. Omar squeaked in during a low turnout mid-term. She will not be so lucky this year. Voters know how truly Anti-American she is now.

  14. God Bless you Dalia. I think America needed to see someone with the likes of Omar, to wake them up and realize that America will no longer be America if they don't WAKE up. Americans need to Quit taking this country for granted, and voting for Dalia is a step in the right direction.

  15. To hell with Omar .. Send all anti American Somalia's back to Somalia… They hate it here and the bring hate and RACISM to divide our great nation … Get the he'll out !!!

  16. Thanks for the help weve been fighting hard to stop her I predict your going to get alot of support,and yes we are all Americans were sooo tired of fighting our neighbors because of illhan Omar and the squad,

  17. Unfortunately,

    For the white elites their numbers are dwindling down every year

    Soon the fear tactics they instill upon the minority will loose its effectiveness

    they continue to nervously double down.


  18. They have to stop Soros and socialists money being dumped into elections nationwide including this congressional district

  19. I will definitely vote for Dalia as a congresswoman! She’s so delightful and a prime example of what kind of immigrants republicans agree should become citizens!

  20. First term politicians should keep their heads down mouths shut and build as many networks and alliances as possible not turn everyone including your own party and constitutes against you

  21. God bless you Dahlia I’m so excited that you’re running against this woman that hate our country I am just like you Iraqi refugee

  22. what you expect or what you call a Woman ( assuming she is ) marrying her Brother….I wonder did she F with him in one of these HOT nights ?

  23. So Ilhan Omar is dividing the country? what about the criminal in whitehouse. This is height of stuopidity or hypocrasy. of Republican Party. This partyu is taking America to darkl ages.

  24. I hope They get rid of this evil woman we have no money to keep giving taxpayers money to these people Omar is dangerous and racist. Get her out.

  25. America1st!!!
    America need patriot Congressmen and Congresswomen 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸
    God bless America!!!

  26. Gee I wonder is Dalia is going to support corporate power ….mmmmm

    LMAO … its so funny …

    GOP: oh this district likes Arabs, thats the reason why Omar got elected…
    Let just run a Muslin and we will win …LOL … so clueless.

  27. Gee I wonder is Dalia is going to support corporate power ….mmmmm

    LMAO … its so funny …

    GOP: oh this district likes Arabs, thats the reason why Omar got elected…
    Let just run a Muslin and we will win …LOL … so clueless.

  28. Send anti-American OMAR to prison and then back to Somalia! OMAR is pure hate, anti- american, racist, corrupt, law breaker, lier, complete embarrassment congress and America.

  29. What does this candidate stand for? Opposing Omar? Is that all she got?
    I'm sure Fox viewers will vote for her, she's only trashing Omar which is a pass time on Fox.

  30. Would this woman challenging Omar….. and if she gets voted in…..Would she for the oath of office…..swear on the Bible or the Koran ????? 😳

  31. Dalia al-Aqidi appears genuinely greatful to be an American citizen as a first generation immigrant. Ilham Omar obviously does not. It's an easy choice as a voter. Get rid of Omar and the rest of these ethnic socialist bs-ers the DNC hand selected and funded in the midterms.

  32. Whether you immigrated here last year or your great great grandparent immigrated here, you are an American. America is where my loyalties are..I still love Ireland, but I'm an American. I like this ladies message!

  33. I’m a Minnesotan from the 5th district I’m voting for anyone but Omar. She is a true traitor she should be jailed.

  34. This is one smart woman!Republican or democrat Omar must be unseated.People of this Minnesota district certainly realize how wrong they were voting for her and will show her the door.

  35. How the hell was she voted in anyway ,,,,,,from what I can see in the UK she just plays the racist card all the time ,,,,,,surely she can’t be voted in at the next election ,,,,,all she’s done is stirred up anti trump propeganda

  36. Omar is a complete sham and a national security risk. She's encouraging more anti-semetic garbage every day. She's committed couple of felonies and no one is holding her accountable.

  37. You mis-spoke when you said this was her first term in congress, this is clearly her only term and it may even be cut short.

  38. Omar is what happened when you vote for someone for their gender/race/background instead of electing the right person for the job

  39. Just another sheep put in place to tarnish her name cause she’s making big moves. They’re still trying to talk about the frauds that were already covered and dismissed. You know they’re starting to become irrelevant when they need to repeat the same thing constantly.

  40. Once again a republican with a genuine open smile, compared to the democrats who all look like they have sucked on a collective lemon. Maybe it's the bile and vitriol they constantly spew that has destroyed any joy they had.

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