Iran admits its military shot down Ukrainian jetliner

Iran admits its military shot down Ukrainian jetliner

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  1. Strange how no apology was given for accusing the president of slander. Never mind the fact literally everyone figured it out almost immediately.

  2. If you have ears to hear, and eyes to see. This was not an accident. This was classical cleaning house. Someone or many someones where on that plane. guess those who monitor the back channels will ever know

  3. This sad. Prayers to the victims.

    Now we need to know.. who was in that Ukraine plane that was directly related to the Impeachment case…that could be helpful to prove the Bidens corruption? Hmmm..and this happens before the Senate trial?

  4. I wonder what happen to the left defending the Iranian regime and their dead terrorists leader Salami all over the world they like vanished after this news come up.

  5. So none of these fools were questioning why a 747 sized blip on the radar screen just appeared in the middle of Iran, OR why the US would use 1 long range heavy bomber to attack their capitol? Their pathetic leadership is pathetic.

  6. He was squawking I'm sure..would have been civilian squawk Radar was seeing him.
    Inbreds smoking dope fired that missle at the airliner.

  7. No way it was scientifically possible for Iran to have shot the airliner down! Then the film footage was seen by the Iranian people! Oops eh yeah we did it but Trump caused it! I didn’t know the mullahs and Khomeini were Democrats!! 😝😝😝

  8. Wow…the Iranians take responsibility for their mistake….something Trump will never do…
    Looks like trump could learn a few things from the Iranians….
    Dump dumb donald 2020…..

  9. If anyone knows enough about the islamic republic in Iran and its activities around the glob and inside of Iran in the last 40 years, they would know that this was not at all an accident.

  10. Bull crap Iran alone is responsible for this. Russia shares a portion of the blame as well, since they back Iran and were stupid enough to sell systems to these misfit's to begin with. Like little children with a shiny new toy, and they couldn't wait to try it out. They should have know that the plane took off locally and wasn't an "outside," incoming threat. Likewise, they should never of had this thing running active (hot), when commercial flights were taking off from the air terminal!

  11. If Trump hadn't killed Souleimani, this would not have happened. Nothing to be proud of as Americans in the first 12 days of 2020.

  12. Iran's pay up to the family's of airliner you shot down it's called compensation how could you do such a thing your sick and stupid

  13. how do u mistake a plane for a hostile target? there just stupid and was thirsty for revenge and fd up , lied about it , then tried to say we did shoot it down but it was the us fault? dumb as f they deff dont need nukes like trump said. opps we nuked Ukraine we thought they were being hostile this is dumb

  14. President Donald Trump's actions in the Middle East were ultimately responsible for their deaths, describing them as "the collateral damage" of an "ill-conceived plan to divert attention from his impeachment trial."

  15. It's impossible to "accidently" shoot down an airliner, 10 miles from an airport.

    The aircraft had to 1st been tracked taking off from the airport.
    Then the aircraft had to be tracked flying from the airport.
    Then the "DECISION" had to be made to shoot a surface-to-air missile at it.
    Everything about this process is intentional.

  16. I was listening to this and thought it sounded a little off. Realize it's Fox News. A lot of opinions in this piece.

  17. My buddy is a pilot, there are not supposed to be civilian aircraft above Iran and Irak, he was complaining about having to fly an extra hour. Think about it..


  19. Regarding Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 that allegedly killed 176: Supposedly lots of pictures of the aftermath. What are the odds that of those pictures not one contains any images of bodies or body parts?

  20. Well at least they admitted it. That's something. They must have been waiting for America to fight back, and when this plane showed up it became the target. Like he said why didn't they shut down civilian air traffic?

  21. A 10-year-old boy threw a rock at a 9-year-old neighbor boy. The neighbor threw a rock back and broke the big front window of the 10-year-old boy's house. Who is responsible for the window?
    The U.S. threw the first rock in 1953, when our government backed the overthrow of a democratically elected prime minister of Iran and installed a murderous dictator who supported our oil agenda. There are no "clean hands" in this tragedy.

  22. I can’t help but wonder who was on that flight they wanted dead? Ukrainian + Iraq = Democrats out rage and criminal behavior. I expect more of this as Trump uncovers what has been going on. Just a dam good guess!

  23. "They should have been able to tell it was a civilian air liner", so what happened when the U.S shot down a civilian airliner?

  24. Everyone forgets the usa shot down Iranian flight 655…nothing done, no apology, no compensation…nothing…at least the iranians apologised… usa hypocrits.

  25. That’s what a plane looks like on the ground after it explodes!!! U see the size of the debris field…… not what the streets of New York looked liked with 2 planes now did it!!!!!! My prayers WAKE UP THO

  26. The hoggies are friggin complete morons and have the nerve ,no check that THE BALLS to blame us for their BS fire mission!

  27. See there! I knew these people would do something deadly! That’s not Iraq so leave them people alone before they do something else that’ll be far worse! Remember a plane was flown into the pentagon so don’t let these people on tv and the Internet mislead you into thinking some worse.

  28. Almost all the people who died on that plane were ethnically Iranian so tbh this is more of a tragedy for them than it is for us.

  29. Iran fired 15 missiles over Iraq intentionally & not one American were killed .. One of the missiles was unintentionally killed 176 Innocents people ..

  30. Iran will shoot down the plane on purpose, expecting American retaliation immediately, which did not occur and they were left alone without finding who to blame.

  31. Why would you give iran any weapons other then a stick and some stones. They can't even hit the right target to save there lifes.

  32. Thank you for having an experienced person to comment on the situation! I can’t stand when a bunch of people make judgements on situations where they have no idea what the heck even going on!!! Spreading hate! Thank you for the just fair perspective

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