iOS 11 Hidden Feature That Will Help Your Business (QR Code Scanning via Camera App)

iOS 11 Hidden Feature That Will Help Your Business (QR Code Scanning via Camera App)

There’s a great new feature in the new Apple iPhone release, that allows you to better market to your customers through something called QR code scanning. Now QR codes are nothing new. It’s these big, boxy codes that you’ve seen for several years now. But Apple’s made it really easy for anyone with an iPhone to scan that code right from your television and bring them somewhere you want them to go on the internet. This is how it works. Simply by going into their camera app, they’re given a camera just as they’ve seen before, but now as they scan over the code, they’re able to tap to a URL. This is perfect if you wanna send your customers to fill out a survey or to purchase something online that you don’t offer in the stores. It’s just a way to get them to go immediately there, so that they can interact with your business. We’ve made it really easy to get your customers to use this technology. Let’s take a look. The first step is to download our app if you don’t have it already. Go into the iTunes app store, search for It’s Relevant TV. Tap on it and download, it’s free. So now I’ll show you how to create an ad for your It’s Relevant TV. You pop into the app and hit the ‘Create Ad’ button. You can now use the camera inside the app to take a picture. So let’s say I’m gonna take a picture of this Amazon giftcard, like that. Once I’ve taken the picture, it gives me the option of cropping the photos if I want to move in on it or move it around. Maybe I’ll have it down towards the bottom like this. I hit choose, and then I can add some text. And I can say, “give us your feedback”. Put that at the top, add another piece of text, “win a gift card”. I’ll actually spell it correctly. Just like that, give us your feedback win a gift card. Now all I have to do is insert the QR code, so in this case I’m going to send it to our URL where we have our survey. Which is It’ll generate the QR code for you, you can shrink it down, you can size it up, however you wanna put it. Just place it onto that ad. Just like this. Hit upload ad to your account, choose which of the accounts you wanna use from your account. Hit ‘Upload ad’ and you’re all set. So once you’ve created your ad, it automatically pushes to your televisions and it’s as simple as your customer lifting up their phone with their camera app open, and just tapping to visit where you want them to go. Just one quick tip from the new iOS 11, with It’s Relevant TV.

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