Invoicing Software | Joblogic

Invoicing Software | Joblogic

Welcome to Joblogic invoicing, our Joblogic invoicing module allows you to invoice and credit a job in a quick and
easy manner as well as giving you the ability to set up recurring invoices for
maintenance contracts. So let’s take a look at invoicing the job we’re going to
assume in this video that you have your selling rates and costing mechanism set
up in the Joblogic libraries on the left hand side menu if not please see
our video on how to set these up as these drastically speed up the invoicing
process, although they’re not necessary you can invoice manually one by one. This
does help in speeding up the whole process, so what we have here is a
completed job that’s come back from a mobile engineer and we’re just simply
going to click on the job number to go into that job. Once inside that job you
have your headers across the top of the screen here with all the various
information that’s come back from the mobile we’re going to concentrate on the
cost screen, here you will find all the costing that’s come back from the mobile
engineer to this job, so what we have here is our labour line with its cost and
cell value automatically set up and pulled from the background of the
libraries in Joblogic. We have our two travel times from our job, we have our
two sets of different mileage from the job, we have materials and we have
expenses all of them with costing and chargeable uplifts and sell values. You
can edit these by clicking on the pen on the right hand side of the line you wish
to edit and you can also add new ones into each section by using the blue add
button. If you are happy with what has come back you can scroll down to see a
total cost, total estimated sell and an estimated profit of the job, it’s
estimated because we haven’t invoiced it yet. Once you’re happy with this you can
click on the add invoice button to begin the process this will take us to our
draft invoicing screen, so with our draft invoice screen open you can see you have
all the details of the invoice all our main details and lines and on our lines
you can see everything that’s being pulled across from our costing screen we
previously looked at ready to go on to an invoice you can still edit these
lines in here but they will only affect the invoice and not your costing and
sell values on the previous screen and again you can still add lines or even
import new costs that I’ve recently come into the job via these two buttons. At
the bottom you have a note section. Now with your notes section if you hit the
edit button you can choose preset up headers that we did in our library
section of the setup of the system or you can simply type in the notes that
you want to appear as the text on your invoice. An idea to do this is if we go
back to our job and we go to the engineer’s visit details you will see on
this screen you have a notes area and in here the engineer has added his notes
for this job, so I can simply copy and paste these onto my invoice change it
and do whatever I want in that text area and make it all ready to go to my
customer. Once I’m happy with the notes I’m gonna put on to my invoice I hit
save. With my notes my sales values and everything in place this is a draft
invoice remember so I can leave this and come back and edit it if I wish to, I can
email this draft invoice now straight to my customer, my site or another contact
using a detailed template or a totals only template, I can download it as a PDF
I can print it or I can do the final function we’re gonna talk
about, which is approving the invoice this is sometimes known as posting the
invoice in the accounts world you click on approve and the invoice is produced.
Again my options now, are that I can email a detailed invoice to my customer,
to my site or free type in there and this will attach a PDF version of your
invoice to an email, automatically going from Joblogic I can print this email a
detailed or total only version again like so and we can then look at using
the credit invoice button should it be required.

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