Introduction to the PUP Global Heritage Consortium in 2 Minutes (con subtítulos)

Introduction to the PUP Global Heritage Consortium in 2 Minutes (con subtítulos)

Man plans and God laughs. — Yiddish proverb An Introduction to the PUP Global Heritage Consortium. In two minutes Everywhere in the world many protected
area plans pile up unimplemented. Yet planners continue to churn out the same kind of plans again and again. This is not a technical or resource problem. There are many good technical people and resources for planning. It’s an idea
problem. But changing ideas is very difficult,
because many people dedicate their reputation, their careers,
and their lives to an old idea. Physicist Max Planck suggested that we simply wait for the old-idea people to die. But we don’t have that time. We need to protect our heritage now.
This is why the PUP Consortium uses a four-pronged approach. We have a new idea to make the old idea obsolete. The old idea is basically to treat plans as if they were scientific studies. Where scientists have all the power to
create and exclude almost everybody else. The new idea is what we call Holistic Planning. This brings all the stakeholders
together in order to feel ownership for the plan. And they continuously plan so that the plan never goes out of date. But the new-idea people are always in the minority. So we need to embrace those people in a democratic grassroots approach. And to convince the old-idea people about the new ideas, We’re going to set up model sites where
Holistic Planning is done successfully. Do quality research and publishing, and train the new people with the new idea so they don’t build their lives on the old idea. And disseminate the new idea through training centers on almost every
continent and a global lessons learned center. So that way we can eventually hit a
tipping point, much like when a stuck door suddenly opens… Much like when a government declares its protected areas will be managed through Holistic Planning. Much like when the big guys in the field finally open their doors to the new idea. In this wild world where we live, the old idea just doesn’t work. Which is why we invite you to join the PUP Global Heritage Consortium.

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