Introduction to the Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships

Introduction to the Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships

There is no other scholarship out
there that gives such fantastic support to students, researchers and professionals. The stand out thing for me was
to meet new people from all over the world and to build up a great
professional network. This Award has certainly impacted positively my life. Certainly enjoyed the experience of living in another country. You immerse yourself in a different culture and you’re also in a totally different learning
environment. I’ve met so many friends here. I think it’s directly helped me
in my future profession. I see that there are just so many opportunities and potential
for new and upcoming researchers to broaden their horizon. You can do so many more things with this scholarship
that it’s unbelievable. The experience alone, just
being here in Australia, it’s a whole different environment, a whole different experience. The Australia Awards give unparalleled opportunities
to establish strong, long lasting personal, academic and
professional relationships between people institutions and countries. Opportunities are
presented to you that would normally not be
available to you. It has so many advantages, you just have to apply and
experience it.

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