Introduction to the Business News Tutorial for BAM

Introduction to the Business News Tutorial for BAM

Welcome to this Business research tutorial. This tutorial is divided into parts A-D Part A Business Research News Tutorial Part B Quiz Part C Business News Research Assignment Part D Template for the assignment Where can you find all these parts? In your Blackboard course in my Seneca Next are 10 valuable tips to get you started Tip 1 Watch the videos. The videos in the tutorial are short and give brief examples that can help. Tip 2 Read the transcripts – each video contains a transcript that may benefit you by reading it after watching the video. Tip 3 Review every page carefully. Review! Review! Review! Tip 4 Try it. When you see the words “Try it” this is your time to practice a new skill Tip 5 Test yourself. Go ahead and take the test Tip 6 Interesting topic. When choosing your topic from your textbook, pick something that interests you. This makes the research much more fun! Tip 7 Keywords. Keywords are sooo important. When you change them up different results happen. A topic like banking can gives so many results but by adding different keywords you will get better results like banking Royal Bank or banking competition,
banking Canada, banking loans or even banking online. Tip 8 Research is a process and it takes time. Remember the more you re do a search you are doing research! You may have to try several searches! Tip 9 Help available. Once you finish this tutorial and you still need help, you can book a research apt with the library. Tip 10 Marks. Lastly, Don’t forget that marks will be given for the online quiz after you complete the business news tutorial and the business news research assignment. What will you learn? Expect to learn a lot and you may even become an expert researcher!

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