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  1. Your voice is soft, your rhythm is ideal and your explanations are simple and clear! Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. I came across this today and Waoh! So insightful and totally educative.. First time I'm learning about pivot tables.

  3. I had hard time tempering with excel, I have gained a lot through your video since its precisely clear and understood. thank you keep sharing fraction of what you have with us who wish to learn through youtube.

  4. Wow – Thank you. This was so easy to understand and follow. I am literally Andy right now having to prepare a report and was in a panic until I found this!

  5. I had a test where I performed poorly because I couldn't use Pivot Tables.
    Luckily I have another chance and this video has been most helpful!
    Thanks a lot man!

  6. Don’t know if you take requests. But here goes: I can slice the Pivot Table by month. I need to slice my Sales Data by week. Do you have a video showing how or could explain to me how.

    Thank You!


  7. I have always been intimidated by PVs; avoided them at all costs and did the calculations the LONG WAY (obviously creating more work for myself). Your video clearly explains the "why" and "how" more effectively than the Excel course I took in college! The textbook was utterly useless and only covered three lessons. I have subscribed – I'm a sponge for knowledge!

  8. Dudes, it is 2019, andy got fired cause he was still using excel for verious standard Reports and data manipulation. A highly trained monkey speaking SQL an R fluidly with some serious power bi skills has andeys job now.

  9. Excellent presentation and extremely informative, especially for beginners!! Many thanks to you for helping me!!

  10. I've been wanting to learn more about Excel. I've tried several different tutorial programs and have found yours to be the most understandable and easiest to follow.I checked out "Pivot Pal", can I do most of what you're doing with the standard version? Myfinances are not the best right now.

  11. Thank you for this amazing video. With your help I could easily understand how to create pivote table and chart.

  12. I got so excited to learn deeply because you hit the lesson point by point for me to understand in systematic fashion. I would like to fall in line ahead to be your first student on your next instruction.

  13. Thank you very much for this video. This has really motivated and kept me close to Microsoft excel. It has really been helpful in my field of study; that why am dedicating my first youtube video to you. I will be posting it online at in the next few hours, it is titled "Tips to sample size determination in Microsoft Excel" . You will so much love it

  14. Thank you sir for posting video about pivot able . i learn very much of information about pivot table by this video

  15. Nice channel, subscribed and liked, very useful and makes me one step forward on using pivot table.

  16. THANK YOU!!!! This was sooo informative and easy to understand! you've got a new subscriber.

  17. good video sir

    demo video on first predictive ramal astrology app, which also guides in speculation markets like share market.

  18. Hey Jon. Thank you so much for sharing. You are an excellent teacher, you explain very well. Your course is easy to follow and pretty useful to learn how to visualise in a clear manner lots of business data. I am starting a new role soon and the pivot tables are going to be super necessary! Thank you again for your effort and for being so helpful with your videos.

  19. Thanks for a great tutorial.  While job hunting I was recently asked if I knew Pivot tables and said no.  This instruction will help a lot and look forward to reviewing your other videos.

  20. Thank your for sharing skills and knowledge to those who are searching knowledge….Your teaching style is fabulous. God bless you happy, healthy and long life.

  21. I just watched a couple of exercises and the lessons were so healthful, I wish I had known this technique years ago, I would have carved a different niche and create an incredible resource for crunching number. The techniques you demoed are powerful. Thanks

  22. The perfect explanation. Everything is clear straight away! Thank you! Is the Pivot Pal is free or not?

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