Introduction to Business Analytics | CORe

Introduction to Business Analytics | CORe

– I think analytics,
it’s a capability that offers tremendous potential
to improve any business. Hi, my name is Jan Hammond. I’m a professor
at Harvard Business School, and I am delighted
to welcome you to the HBX business
analytics course. This course is designed
to help you develop the basic analytical skills
and managerial judgment you’ll need to effectively
collect, analyze, and interpret data. – Having an understanding
of the mathematics of statistics and actually also having an
understanding of the technology that can be employed to help
you analyze large data sets is a very valuable skill for
managers of all kinds to have. Data are collected every time
you make a purchase, navigate a website,
travel, make a phone call, or post on a social media site. Never before has so much data
about so many different things been collected and stored
every second of every day. – I’ve really appreciated
the power and the impact
that the data has. Being able to come to the table
with concrete evidence and data, comparable titles, really
allows the team holistically to feel comfortable
with the way that we’re forecasting
the business. – In this world of big data,
basic data literacy, the ability to analyze,
interpret, and even question data, is
an increasingly valuable skill. This course is designed to help
you develop that expertise. – The key managerial insight
of this whole exercise is to try to imbue in an organization
the idea that you want to make decisions based
on knowledge, not intuition. – A wise colleague once told me that learning is like
a bank account. The more you put into it,
the more you’ll get out of it. I hope you make a significant
investment in this course and gain substantial
benefits in return.

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  1. How does this knowledge generate more profit/benefit? Tow things: supply chain management and excuse for bad CEO (I did everything to make profit …). These already optimized. By giving the impression of her course change everything, this is really bad. 

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