Introducing the International Data Sanitization Consortium

Introducing the International Data Sanitization Consortium

There are 2.5 exabytes of data created every single day. And we estimate, based on Gartner research, that there are 6 trillion gigabytes of data under management by enterprises around the world. At some point, we have to start thinking about how to get rid of data that is no longer useful to us and poses a risk, thanks to privacy regulations, compliance requirements and, of course, cyber security. Most organizations think about media sanitization-what to do with old hard drives, memory sticks and devices when they’ve reached the
end of their useful life. That will always be important, but as data
is moved to the cloud and dispersed throughout a global enterprise, it’s time to focus on
data sanitization. That’s why we’ve launched the International
Data Sanitization Consortium. It’s a group of industry experts from around the world, including analysts, research groups, software vendors, educators and enterprises
who share a common desire to bring clarity to a disparate set of technology,
regulations and standards. The International Data Sanitization Consortium
will also work with regulators and standards bodies to ensure that data sanitization is
in their deliberations. If you have a role in data security, privacy,
records management or even outfitting and maintaining data centers, you’ll want to keep
tabs on our work. If you want to participate in the International Data Sanitization Consortium, please feel free to reach out.

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