Introducing The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF)

Introducing The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF)

BRF is a Christian ministry organisation
whose aim is to resource your spiritual journey in a whole variety of different ways.
Messy Church, Who Let The Dads Out?, Barnabas Children’s Ministry, Barnabas in Schools,
all our publishing, Books, Apps, eBooks – all of these different parts of BRF come together
to comprise BRF as a whole. It started in a single Anglican church in Brixton back in 1922 and the vicar, Leslie
Mannering, just wanted to, in his words, help his congregation ‘get a move on spiritually’,
and it so transformed the life of that congregation that, before long, other churches were saying,
‘I don’t know what you’ve got but, can you share it with us?’
And they started to distribute these monthly leaflets more widely.
Today, all the activities that we are involved with still tie into that original vision,
which is helping people to grow on their discipleship journey, their spiritual journey.
I love the fact that we’re changing lives, and that is not me making a bold claim there,
that’s evidenced by the feedback we get from Messy Churches or Who Let The Dads Out? groups
‘I think Messy Church is the most exciting thing to happen to the church.’
The letters that we get from people who have been touched by something we’ve published…
‘I find your daily readings and prayers a very helpful and uplifting start to my day.’
The feedback we get from teachers as to how they’ve used one of resources in the classroom…
‘Barnabas in Schools captured the hearts and minds of our children in the assembly.’
It’s that fact that we’re making a difference to people’s lives, making a difference to
the life of the church and that’s what fires me about everything that I do.

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