Introducing The 2016 Dalai Lama Fellows

Introducing The 2016 Dalai Lama Fellows

Hi, my name is Garreth Chan from Hong Kong.
My name is Hind. I’m Matthew Silberman. My name is Synclaire Butler. My name is Yania
Escobar. My name is Kumar Kunal. This is Egemen from Koc University Istanbul, Turkey. I am
an industrial design major and a business economics minor as a junior in the University
of Notre Dame. And I’m a research fellow from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. And
I spent last year living in Chimborazo, Ecuador through the program Global Citizen Year. And
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to become a Dalai Lama Fellow. I want to become a Dalai
Lama Fellow because I believe that I have an innovative idea that could change the academic
landscape of South West Atlanta. I want to design an ethical leadership model for the
LGBT community in India. I want to be challenged to ask myself: Why am I doing this work? Am
I staying true to my intention? To give myself opportunities to reflect, but to also prioritize
other people and to recognize how I can enable leadership in others. It’s about creating
ethical leaders, it’s about creating compassion in action agents. It really does challenge
this master narrative of what it means to lead and it doesn’t put leaders in the from
seat, but rather puts us in a circle. Leadership is listening to other people, creating empathy,
creating an idea, then taking an action. Doing this procedure again and again and again;
this procedure repeats itself. By collaborating across differences we’re allowed to be both
bridges and mirrors to those who live at these intersections of marginalization. Saying this
is one thing, and having the opportunity to practice it is another. I can already see
in this program that there is an understanding of impermanence, that change is welcome. Hence,
Dalai Lama Fellows is expected to bring about a change within me, to evolve, to look life,
and to spread its fragrance at its best. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Does he want to free Tibetan? NO,he just want to recover his rule. From QING dynasty,the leader of Tibetan Buddhism came into being in a special way under the supervision of Chinese goverment,in other word,when this dalai die,Tibet wil select a new dalai in a traditional way called “金瓶掣签”。At that time,the"dalai" will be reincarnated as a little boy,that boy will be considered as "dalai lamaⅩⅤ“

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