Introducing Business Productivity

Introducing Business Productivity

Has your organization invested in modern
productivity tools such as Skype for business or Office 365 are you looking
for a way to make sure that your business users effectively use these
tools to maximize your return on the investment if so you’ve come to the
right place my name is Ulrika Hedlund for years I’ve
worked as a Productivity advisor helping customers increase productivity through
effective use of technology today I’m the managing director for business
productivity a company solely focused on driving and user adoption of software
instead of providing our customers with traditional lengthy feature based
training we help customers drive end-user adoption through providing them
with story told scenario based videos are short impactful videos focus on a
specific business scenario making them ideal for today’s impatient YouTube
centric workforce by becoming a member and subscribing to our site you get
access to our library of Microsoft Office related videos you can also
access our videos on a number of online course platforms such as Udemy, OpenSesame and CyberU in addition to the many videos available in our rich
library we can provide you with tailor-made videos showcasing your
internal applications to optimize and encourage employee engagement you can
make these videos available through your own internet if you’re rolling out
Office 365 we have a complete adoption program offering available to help your
organization get up to speed with the new tools so why waste any more time
leverage our expertise in driving effective use of software and contact us
today we look forward to hearing from you

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