Introducing Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

What do solar panels, pizza, and this bumper sticker have in common? BUUF B – U – U – F We’re Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and we aren’t your grandmother’s church. Unless of course, your grandmother is Gloria. This community is a safe place. In this safe place we support each other in the sacred task of Becoming. We are a band of seekers, each of us following his or her own path of truth. In this community we celebrate the transcending mystery of life and rely on the transforming power of love. This is why it makes no difference who you are, if you are gay or straight, politically conservative, or if you think french fries and diet coke is a healthy meal choice. You are welcome here. We meet regularly to talk about current events and ideas. We express ourselves artistically and spiritually. And we find ways to engage with the larger southwest Michigan community, and to assist those in need. At BUUF, we don’t have all the answers, but we enjoy exploring the many questions. OK! What do you like about BUUF? Hi I’m Deej Leggitt. I’m a Shawnee. And I came, walked in the doors here at BUUF. And I found my tribe. Everybody here accepts me for who I am. And you are all working towards making this a better world. Is about love and peace. I have a lot of friends here at BUUF. So, if any of this catches your interest. We would love to have you visit us!

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