Intimate time of fellowship by EA Adeboye (Let US get back to the beginning)

Intimate time of fellowship by EA Adeboye (Let US get back to the beginning)

Sometime ago
Several years ago now I was driving in my car
The driver was driving me and suddenly God began to speak to me ans
Ha, I said Lord, Sorry I don’t know what you mean
I prayed before I left home this morning
we have morning devotion I prayed even after that
before I prayed before that I prayed
He said, You know what I am alking about He said, Do you remember those days
when You will be alone in the car when you will be driving
and we will be fellowhipping You will be worshipping me
and you will have to park the car so that you can sober down
He said when was the last time that happened I said
Oh in those days I was alone in the car
but now there is a driver and if the driver suddenly sees me cryin
He will wonder what has happened so the the Lord said
Oh, so it is my fault that I provided you with a driver
I said No, No, No
I repent If we can’t do it in the car
we can do it somewhere else I remember that night
when we got home when everyone was asleep
around 11 o’ clock I sneaked out of the house
and I went to one quiet place on the camp and I began to sing
I began to praise him I have just started singing
“Only Jesus can save” and his presence came
and my head swole up I got swollen up
and I began to cry again and I knew that joy of intimacy
Many of you the moment you begin tto prosper
You forget how things were at the beginning I want to encourage you
The way you used to praisehim before you became a big man
The way you used to pray before you became comfortable
The way you used to give before now
you have to decide which car do I want to take to church
this morning Let’s get back to the beginning

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  1. Thanks soooo much for this video! More grease on your elbows! You're really motivate people, keep up!

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