Interpreter Breaks Down How Real-Time Translation Works | WIRED

Interpreter Breaks Down How Real-Time Translation Works | WIRED

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  1. This is so true. I was interpreting a business meeting once, and the guy across goes on and on monotonously, and I unconsciously go into auto-mode after 20min, translating word for word, literally like a google translator I guess, and didn’t realize it til my guy looked at me, “what?!” and when he saw I was half-asleep, he told me to take a break. LOL.

    I didn’t know I could be fully engaged in a convo yet started to switch off.

  2. This is lowkey what I’ve been wanting to do, being proficient in Spanish and English, is like to try this out. I’m learning Japanese at the moment and would like to see how far I’d get with this 😂

  3. i wonder if theres any tricky term one interpreter cant quite translate and the other interpreters helps out with the translation thatd be interesting

  4. Kim Seokjin: says a dad joke in Korean.

    In Army’s mind: The speaker has shared a joke. Its untranslatable, please laugh now.


  5. Translation is a career that has always frightened me. That’s why I chose the path as a language teacher and I do not regret it.

    Kudos to you, translators of the world 🙂

  6. No trabajo como interprete pero me pasa cuando le traduzco a mi familia slangs o juegos de palabras de ingles o coreano a español pero yo como que explicó la etimologia de las palabras o busco y un "dicho" con significado similar pero supongo que eso en interpretación en tiempo real no da

  7. I used the note taking before without knowing that it was an actual technic for interpreting, thought it was me just doodling because i had a bad memory

  8. Wow, I’m blessed! I usually experience fatigue after about an hour and a half. I do both styles but when I get fatigued depends on how emotionally charged is the person I’m interpreting for.

  9. This encourages me to develop the disciple to go back to learning Japanese and actually learn more than the basic first five lessons on my language app…

  10. As a professional Spanish interpreter and Trainer with over 20 years of experience, these are all true scenarios that require so much training, preparation, the know-how in order to do your job accurately and completely. Each business sector and interpretation mode requires lots and lots of training, researching, and development…Interpreting doesn't happen overnight and it definitely doesn't happen in 30days like many "trainers" say it does, unless you already have some basic experience, but I highly doubt it…Love the note-taking and the joke was a good one!

  11. Gheddafi's interpreter collapsed after 75 minutes, but when I asked for another interpreter to accompany me in the booth at the international latinoamerican film festival I was denied and had to interpret for 90 minutes straight 😂

  12. god, iam learning to become an interpreter in the near future, and this video just makes me realize i have made a bad decision

  13. Hubiesen buscado otro interprete de castellano el acento chileno es horrendo y re molesto de escuchar… saludos de Uruguay

  14. This is so true. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to get into those high-end diplomatic jobs! 🙁 And it takes a lot of practice to get comfy with the job itself, not something I would recommend for non-professionals.

  15. Please note here that the English speaker here is a native speaker, uses complete sentences, proper grammar, etc. And MAKES SENSE. In the real world this is so often not the case.

  16. @Wired, please edit the title of this video. You cast the professionals here in a very bad light because translating and interpreting are two different things and it’s impossible to translate simultaneously.

    Also, “this is a joke that is impossible translate, please laugh now” also seems unprofessional to me. I would interpret the joke literally and then add an explanation that the words sound the same in the source language. If there wasn’t time, I would say it was a joke about dolphins and whales.

  17. My major is English interpreting and translation, y’all gotta see my class’ notes during our classes lol. Sometimes we don’t even understand what we just wrote

  18. Minsan gusto ko maging translator pero the moment na napanood ko to, I gave up.

    Sometimes I want to be a translator but the moment ai watched this, I gave up.

  19. A regular Interpreter was out of town and I had the opportunity to translate for two people. The conversation began quite simply, each speaking a short time allowing me to translate, but at one point they both began speaking at the same time causing me to glitch, I repeated what each one said to the other person in the wrong language, then got myself oriented and said what each said to the correct parties in the correct language. I am very proud of correctly recalling what both said, I have no idea how I did it, but somehow it worked.

  20. As an American Sign Language/English Interpreter, it was interesting to see how two spoken languages are interpreted as opposed to signed and spoken. (And the whole joke thing is spot on. If English to ASL, I try to culturally mediate and interpret the joke as best I can, but it’s rarely funny in the end. Haha)

  21. Guys I want to be this in the future, I'm at an university in Paris studying English and Italian. I'm French. Please give me some tips to improve myself.

  22. "Oiga, su colega acaba de hacer un chiste que resulta totalmente intraducible. Así que ríase, por favor". That would be me as an interpreter hahaha

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