International Business Transactions

International Business Transactions

Hi my name is Adam
Rosenzweig, Professor of Law at Washington
University School of Law. This is international
business transactions. At Washington University,
I teach primarily tax and business issues–
focusing on international tax and international
business transactions. Before I came to
Washington University, I was in private practice with
the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, focusing primarily
on private equity and hedge funds, cross border M&A,
and cross border equity transactions. In addition, I clerked for
the Honorable James Dennis on the Fifth Circuit. In this course, we’re
going to be conducting a survey of issues that
are relevant to the role of the lawyer in transnational
business transactions. So unlike a traditional
course where we focus on the substantive
law in a particular area, here will be looking at an
overview of different areas of law that can become relevant
in different transactions. So for this reason in the
first half of the course, we’ll just be doing a high
level survey of issues– the role of the lawyer
in transnational business transactions, choice
of forum and venue– going to those sources
and basis of law, multinational institutions, and
other issues that can arise. In the second half
of the course, we’ll shift gears and focus
on a more skills based aspect of the course– looking at
particular transactions, starting from the
simplest to one time transnational sale with
an invoice base sale, all the way up to
cross border mergers and acquisitions
and joint ventures, using sample contracts to
walk our way through some of the issues that
can be relevant, and unique in a
cross border setting. I look forward to
working with you. Thank you.

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