International Business and Trade, Master’s programme

International Business and Trade, Master’s programme

The best thing about the program is that you get a mix of disciplines in the education but also that there is a large proportion of international students. So you get a good and wide contact network for your future career. The university have qualified lecturers, but we also have different visiting professors and guest lecturers from different industries so learning gets easier because we get to hear from them how business is conducted across borders. I chose the program to get a more international connection to my studies in business and economics and to have the opportunity to work both in Sweden, but also abroad and globally if I wanted to. The school has different activates that bring us together. When we have assignments we are assigned into different groups so I get to meet new people and make new friends. After graduation, I would like to work at a global company within business or in the public sector, for example, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Exactly what I will choose I do not yet know, but I think that the program will inspire me.

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