Interested in A Proven Step By Step Guide On Growing Your Business Online?

Interested in A Proven Step By Step Guide On Growing Your Business Online?

[Advertiser] – Hey there, if you’re running a business or marketing for a business that maybe
has been around for five, 10, 15, 20 years or longer,
one of our newest clients has been around for 43
years and business maybe, the growth of your business has stalled. Maybe you’re doing a lot
of tactical things like Facebook marketing, Facebook
ads, maybe you’re blogging, you’ve built a new website
two or three times, maybe you’ve tried Google ads, you
know, if you’ve gotten through some of those tactical things
and yet you’re still lacking or missing a holistic
strategy or framework, I’d love to offer you our
free six-step marketing guide. Now, my name is Darrell
Evans, I’m the co-founder of Yokel Local and you know, I
can remember back when I first got on the internet with one
of my previous companies, 2004, and I know what
it’s like to sit in a seat and have all of this technical
babble flying around. I’m not even gonna go back
to 2004 and tell you what it was like, because it was
certainly not like it is today, today things are so
easy compared to the way they were in 2004. Now, having said that, things
have changed dramatically, but, believe it or not
this very simple e-book which, it outlines our six
step formula, which we on our PDF includes links and
resources to every single thing. It’s not just something you’re gonna read. There’s some homework
and some passive travel, and as a bonus if you
download it today I prepared for you a 20 minute extra
video training that walks you through some of the
methodology directly the way I share with clients and
business owners and marketers who we meet with here at our agency. Our agency’s been around since
2010, we’ve helped companies do over 200 and so million dollars, probably a little bit more
than that, and it’s been small, medium and large size businesses. If you fit in that boat,
your business is successful but you need to get a growing
online, you need a framework, a proven strategy I’d love
to give you ours for free. There’s a button somewhere
around this video. Click that button, go ahead
and enter your information and again as a bonus for a
short while I’ve got a free 20 minute video that walks
you through some of the psychology and the
mindset of the framework. It’s super super simple
and let me tell you one other last little thing. This framework didn’t originate online. We’ve adapted this from all
of our success in previous businesses offline. We’ve just made it online-friendly,
so, all of the channels online are fantastic, but
what we’ve done is take the same buyer, marketing and selling process and we’ve implemented it online. It’s absolutely magical. Love for you to get that thing today. Click the link above or below this video. We’ll see you on that video. Thanks.

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