Integrated Customized Employment – A Way to Work for Everyone

Integrated Customized Employment – A Way to Work for Everyone

So Customized Employment is a term
used for doing just that customizing the relationship; the employment relationship. What we do is spend time to get to know people well. Really figuring out what’s going to work for somebody in employment. Where are their gifts and talents? What are
their skills they’re going to bring? Where are the areas they’re going to need the most support? And then we meet with their employers and
we do informational interviewing and we figure out where the needs are
that the employer has and we match them. We believe all people have a right and the responsibility to work. You should work! And you should have the access
to the support to work. We pretty much have a “can do” attitude. All of our staff, we don’t say, oh.. you know if somebody comes up to us and say they want to
become a pilot and they’re blind. We don’t say, “Well you can’t be a pilot,
are you crazy? Let’s get you a job at McDonalds”. We say, “We don’t know what takes to become
a pilot, let’s go and find out.” Well we found out you need 20/20 vision. Ok, in the process,
we made some connections with some pilots and with the airport and we brought them on
board to figure out what might work for this person. Having the attitude that people should work,
having the attitude that we can support people to work and be willing to walk that path
with people and holding high expectations. We just hold very high expectations if people,
over the 18 years that we’ve been doing this people rise the occasion time to time again. A lot of people are very scared about social security, losing benefits and losing medical insurance and all those kinds of things. Social Security has so many programs that you can utilize,
to help you as you build up if you’re in employment and often times the information that you get when you first
walk into the social security office is not accurate! So keep pressing for the right information because that’s another thing that’s very scary for
families and individuals who are going to work. You always make more money if you work! It helped me save up a trip, to go to Hawaii!

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