Integrated Competitive Employment Can be For You!

Integrated Competitive Employment Can be For You!

Andrew uses a phone app as a tool to help
him throughout the day of work. “Here you go, the start of your work day!” “Don’t forget, when you unlock that door,
put those keys back into your fanny pack!” Andrew Where do you work? Deeda Salon. Hair and makeup. How long have you worked here? Over here… Three years? Three. Three years? Yes, yes. So what do you do here? Over here… Um, when my boss is gone… Um, I use my phone. Andrew’s job duties at Deeda Salon are to
make sure everything is nice and tidy. Andrew would clean the sink, mop the floor,
clean mirrors, wash and dry towels and anything else to help around the place. So is it fun talking to people at work? Yes, yes. Are you getting paid for working? Yeah, checks. Money. What do you do with the money you make? I would buy um… toys and videos games! Cool! And that makes you happy right? Yes! Yes! Good, good! Thank you. Hi, I’m Charles. I work for Farrell’s ice cream. It’s a ice cream place and a restaurant. And I applied for the job… I went and saw the ad on their fence. And I thought, maybe this will be a good job for me! Put my application in… and in two weeks, I got hired to work for them! Getting to clock in for work Because I got to get the dish room all caught
up and get it ready for today’s work and everything and I’ll show you how I clock in and everything. And here’s the kitchen! Good morning! Good morning! At Farrell’s, what are you job duties? I started out to be a dishwasher and now they
move me up to prep and I do a lot of other jobs around the restaurant. What’s “prep”? It means you get the food ready for the next day. Do you get to meet customers? Sometimes I do. Do you have other duties? Like if it’s real slow, I go and do prep and when
it’s like really slow, I help do pizzas and help clean the kitchen up. and when it’s really busy, I go and help the dishwashers. This is my prep area here. Sometimes I do baking, get baking ready Sometimes when I do baking, I butter the bread, stuff like that. What would your message be for others who never worked? You could just give a message. Just ask questions, that’s what I do. I just ask questions and what stuff that needs to be done. Be trained for it, do training and be real happy. Just be real happy and if you get confused, just ask the boss to help you and don’t be scared of your job coaches. That’s what your job coaches are there for,
to help you out and learn the job better!

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  1. Employment, wages and benefits are critical to all sectors of society; pay arrangements with job coaches and employers may vary, so check out the options available to you! As the job market tightens, career promotions and entrance into professional and mid-levels becomes important factors in the workforces. Job coaches are sometimes described as a Direct Support Professionals as part of a growing multicultural support workforce in the US (Larson, et al, 2012 in Racino, 2014). Disability rights groups will help you to know your rights which are also detailed in Blanck's books on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 2008. Personal assistance services or personal assistant aides also be another form of workplace accommodation in addition to changes in scheduling or task flexibility.
    Julie Ann Racino

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