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  1. I really wanna use SW.

    Can I use Appcache for IE/Safari and SW for Firefox/Opera/Chrome at the same time?

    How do these tools described, work if I also want to use other SW Apis like Push Notifications?

    I'm a bit afraid to be locked in, compared to writing my own SW

  2. so many way of Web Browser in Chrome How to use of your way Chrome Security not be change More and More Stronger for your way and your Style.

  3. Great talk, thank you for sharing.
    Explaining the concept very simply and very concise.
    Well done to all you guys pushing the boundaries and testing the limits

  4. i tested it on ios and was working offline guess it's caching the visited stuff somehow ? but how Service workers are not available and i thought ios safari doesnt have local storage?

  5. Well done with good information. I wish all presentations would emulate. Too many use a quarter of the screen to show the presenter talking, sipping water, typing on their laptop, pointing at something we cannot see, i.e. everything that makes it harder to see the actual content – especially code snippets in an ide. Thanks very much.

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